Add Sparkle To Your Home Decor With Sequins

Nov 27, 2019by Kimberly Foerst
If you want your home decor to shine, there is one very simple way to do it: add sequins! Sequins sparkle and shimmer when the light touches them, and they never lose their luster.

Night Sky Shower Curtain

The great thing about home decor with sequins is that you have so many options. So any room in your home can have the glamorous look you want to create with sequinned home decor.
Also, sequins are timeless. From young children to grown adults, you can appreciate the stunning look of a sparkling item at any age. As a child, a sequinned pillow might be the appropriate option for a kid's bedroom. As you get older, window panels and valances will make a greater impact on the space.

Mermaid Sequins Decorative Pillow by Lush Decor

No matter which room you are redecorating, you can add shimmering sequinned home decor: a valance in a kitchen window, a shower curtain in your bathroom, and full length panels and/or decorative pillows in your bedroom and living room.
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