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7 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

Jan 4, 2023by Guest Blogger

We all know that if there is one room in the entire house that is overused and abused, it is the bathroom. It is that corner of the house that is the victim of dampness, moisture and humidity. Which is why maintaining bathrooms and keeping them clean is a very important task in every household. If overlooked, bathrooms can become a house of bacteria, mold and odor that is completely uncalled for and will lead the homeowners to the dark hole of ill health.

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Because of its overuse, bathrooms are also the first in line to experience massive amounts of wear and tear and may need renovation from time to time. Renovating comes with its fair share of agony and inconvenience, both financially and mentally. So, it is very important to thoroughly understand the root causes and only then head for renovation.

Here are 7 compelling reasons that will definitely call for a renovation and you will know it.

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1. Your Bathroom Is Old

Is your bathroom the definition of outdated? With cabinets that are old and discolored, with faucets and showerheads turning leaky and rusted, with doors that creak and with bathroom corners that have turned yellowish? Then the answer is yes, your bathroom is old. And this is the time you take the leap of faith and dive right in into renovating it. Turn up your game for bathroom renovations and bring in the 21st century innovations that it needs. Muted color themed tiles, fancy faucets and showerheads, contemporary bathroom fixtures and floating vanities are some of the ways in which you can completely transform your bathrooms, making them appealing and attractive.

Floating Vanity in Bathroom

2. Increase Your Storage Space

If your bathroom is one where you are unable to move around and the old bathroom cabinets are blocking your way, it is time to get rid of them too! Our modern-day interior designers are now welcoming a ‘less is more’ concept in the interior design space. Floating vanities have become the new storage systems in bathrooms. Mounted towel racks, basket shelves, and mounted organizers have changed the face of bathroom storage today. This not only clears up the way to move around, but also makes your small bathrooms, appear bigger and spacious.

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3. Make Your Bathroom Safer

Safety in bathrooms is paramount. It should be the only compelling reason for anyone to renovate if they feel that their bathrooms are not safe and user-friendly for the members of the house. Especially if you have kids and elderly at home, the bathroom is one of the most life endangering rooms of the house. There is always the risk of accidental slips and falls that could be life threatening. Installing slip resistant flooring, constructing wider doorways, and minimizing storage to ensure wider areas for movements, are some ways by which you can make the bathroom a safe place for everyone to be in.

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4. Save On Energy Costs

If there is one lesson the pandemic has taught us all, it is to live humbly and conserve. Our resources - be it air, water or electricity - are not unlimited, and living with that consciousness has become more important now more than ever. Replacing those leaky taps, installing low flush or flush controlled toilets, and using energy saving water heaters and lighting are some ways in which we can conserve our resources and have an efficient bathroom. Installing windows is another great idea to let that ventilation be easy for both summers and winters and the natural light is an added plus in reducing lighting costs.

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5. Remodel to Suit Your Style

Who doesn't love a touch of luxury in their space? We all do! Now that we have taken renovation of the bathrooms in hand, this is not a bad time to add a few luxe elements in our bathrooms to give it the elegance and richness it deserves. Whether it’s the fancy LED light fittings or the state-of-the-art bathroom fittings or the powerful body jets or sumptuous jacuzzi or even elegant bathroom tiles, there are endless ways you can bring a touch of luxury into your own bathroom space.

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6. Add Value to the Home

We may not be aware but sometimes, the biggest mistake we make is to treat our bathrooms any less than the other rooms of the house. It may just seem like a shower room or a clean-up room that you may be using for 30 minutes tops and maintaining a bathroom may not even be a big deal for us, let alone renovating it. But if we turn this around and renovate our bathrooms on a timely basis, we are adding value to our homes for the future. If there arises a need for a resale, the prospective buyers could be highly put off by unkempt bathrooms and that may actually be a reason for the deal falling off or even lead to a reduction in the asking price. Thus, it becomes a deal breaker to have bathrooms that are functional and in great condition.

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7. You May Have Asbestos

If you are a resident in a building that was built 25-30 years ago or even older, there are chances that there are traces of asbestos in your home. So, what if there is asbestos you ask? Well, if you inhale the molecules of asbestos, you are at an increased risk of several serious diseases like asbestosis (a serious lung condition caused by long term exposure to asbestos), mesothelioma (a cancer that destroys the layers of tissue in your internal organs due to exposure of asbestos), lung cancer, cancers of the digestive systems, colon, etc. To prevent yourself from contracting these deadly ailments, all traces of asbestos must be removed from your home and only then renovations must be undertaken. Before commencing renovations, it is recommended to do an asbestos test to determine the existence and extent of asbestos, if any, and that should be treated beforehand.


In order to renovate your bathrooms, there are two things that are very important to understand.

  • The reason for renovation
  • The budget assigned to the renovation

Once there is clarity on these two aspects, it simplifies the renovation process and allows you to make decisions on spending accordingly. No matter what your budget, renovation of a bathroom is always a good choice as it adds value to your home and gives you a cleaner, well-defined space for your showering needs.

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