6 Tips To Feel Like You're On Vacation Without Leaving Your Home

Jul 27, 2022by Dana Dantoni

There can be various reasons why you can't travel this summer: work schedules, not enough funds, or simply just not enough time. These complications don't mean that you don't deserve a vacation.

Here are 6 tips for creating a vacation vibe inside and outside your home, so you can enjoy a relaxing retreat without having to travel anywhere:

1. Sheer Curtains for a Fresh, Bright Space:

When away on vacation one of the best feelings is waking up in the morning to the fresh air and bright sunlight. You can easily achieve these positive vibes by investing in some sheer window curtains. The sheer curtains will allow plenty of natural light to seep into your home, making your space bright and warm. When your home is flooding with natural sunlight, you'll feel like you're on a tropical island in no time.

Sheer window curtains

2. Declutter

When you're on vacation, the last thing you want to feel is stressed. Since you are home comfortably on your time off, you don't want the little things getting in the way of your relaxation time. Try investing in some storage bins and organizing your countertop space. Make your home clean, fresh, and bright. Get rid of things that will overwhelm your space, and you'll find yourself care free and relaxed.

3. Create A Relaxing Bedroom


After a long day in the sun or doing activities while away on vacation, the best feeling is coming back to your hotel room to a relaxing, clean, and cozy room. Create a relaxing bedroom by investing in some fresh sheets, a bright white bedding set, and some comfy throw pillows. Take a load off and enjoy your well deserved R&R.

4. Bring the Indoors Out!

Design an outdoor oasis for the night by bringing the indoors out! Bring the cozy feeling of being inside your home to your backyard. Grab your favorite throw blankets, snacks, lights, and pillows to set up the perfect space outside. If you have a projector, set up your favorite movie to watch with a loved one and enjoy the summer air and comfort!

throw blankets and pillows outside

5. Stop Working

Once your work day is over, it is tempting to scroll through your unread emails. You're on your phone anyway, so why not read through them, right? Wrong! Take your time off to unwind and relax. Let you mind clear and enjoy time with family and friends. The key to enjoying your vacation is spending undistracted time with those you love and soaking up all the alone time you need to recoup!

6. Update Your Backyard

There are many ways to make your backyard feel like an oasis. You'll want to be able to enjoy the hot summer weather in a clean and relaxing outdoor space. Try investing in some new patio furniture, start gardening, plant some colorful flowers, light up a fire pit, and add some lights to make your yard a place you'll never want to leave.

And just like that your home is ready for ultimate relaxation as if you were on vacation! Grab your favorite book, a cold refreshing beverage in hand, and you're ready to go!

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