6 Things To Look for Before Buying New Bedding

Aug 2, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
If you are planning to redecorate your master bedroom, guest bedroom or a child’s bedroom, the first thing you’ll probably look for is a new quilt set or comforter set. Before you make a decision on new bedding, here are a few things for you to consider:

Belle Quilt Pink Blush Set by Lush Decor

1. Style – Does the look of the bedding fit the theme, vision or personal decor style of the room’s inhabitants? Even if it’s a truly beautiful set, it will only work in the right room. Your son might not want a frilly comforter set and your husband may not enjoy a pink blush over a more gender neutral gray or white.
2. Material – Is the bedding made of cotton, polyester or a cotton/poly blend? If you have sensitive skin, need a breathable fabric or prefer a softer feel, cotton is the way to go. If you are always cold or you want something that is more durable and less likely to fade, polyester is a good option. If you want the best of both worlds, go for a cotton and polyester blend.

Persis Quilt Set

3. What’s Included? – Some sets include the blanket and the pillow cases or shams. Some also include a combination of things like a matching bed skirt, decorative throw pillows, sheets and even window treatments. Think about whether you want to put the room together on your own with the perfect accents or if you prefer the ease of having it done for you.
4. Quality – If the quilt or comforter set isn’t well made, it’s not worth purchasing. Even if it’s the right material and the right style, it won’t be a good value if the stitching comes apart or the fabric rips and you have to keep replacing it. Invest in better quality so that your bedding will last.

Mermaid Ruffle Quilt Set by Lush Decor

5. Care – If you like the fancy, frilly sets with ruffles, they will likely be dry clean only. Most micro fiber or cotton sets can be machine washed and dried. However, some of the cheaper sets should also be dry cleaned because they may fall apart in the washing machine. Thus, even though something was initially less expensive, after a few trips to the dry cleaners it can end up costing more than a slightly more expensive quilt or comforter that can safely be machine washed.
6. Price – Is the price within the range you expect? Is it a good value? Be a savvy shopper by comparing prices and searching online for coupons and discounts before making your final purchase.
When it comes to redecorating any bedroom, the bed is the centerpiece. Everything should be decorated around the bed. Don’t settle for the wrong color shade or an uncomfortable fabric. Make sure you find the right quilt or comforter set, and then you can make compromises on smaller accents in the room if necessary.
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