6 (and a bonus!) Home Décor Tips You Need To Know

Aug 10, 2022by Cathy Christino

When it comes to home décor, going at it alone can sometimes be overwhelming. And scrolling through search after search can often lead to analysis paralysis. We reached out to our Lush Décor team and a few of the talented designers from our new Lush Décor Home Stylist Collective to ask them what one piece of advice they share with clients- or the more-than occasional friends asking for help! Here's what they had to say...

living room sitting area

1. Establish A Flow 

From Angela @downsouthstreet

"A simple rule of thumb I use when creating a space from scratch is to follow an order that helps keep things organized and the project moving forward."

  1. Focus on the big stuff! Start with our furniture style.
  2. Choose your wall colors and fabrics (paint, curtains, rugs, throw pillows, blankets, etc.).
  3. Add your accent décor pieces.

When designing in this order, everything flows nicely and you won't need to rework large furniture pieces to accommodate a rug. Your furniture will be the items that last longest in a space, so you always want to start there.

girls bedroom

2. Bust Paint Myths

On paint, Angela adds it's a complete myth that painting a room a dark color will make it look smaller. The opposite is true. "Dark paint can actually make the room appear larger because the eye has no place to land." And, we'd add that it can be a whole lot of un picking out paint colors for a moody room vibe!

3. Trick The Eye For Taller Ceilings

From Cheri, Creative Director & Senior Product Designer, Lush Décor

boy looking out the window in bedroom

Create visual tricks to make your ceilings look taller. Cheri suggests hanging curtains higher than the window moldings to raise the gaze and make it feel like your ceilings are much higher than they actually are. "You can typically hang rods at least 3" higher than the top of the molding to keep your standard 84" or 85" curtains just grazing the floor." If you need a little more length, try using rod clips. Vertical stripes and long mirrors are two other tips you can use to trick the eye into thinking your ceilings are more majestic.

4. Goldilocks Your Artwork - Hang It Just Right

From Kate @katethedecorwhore

living room couch and table

"In general, most people hang pictures and artwork WAY TOO HIGH! Another common mistake is centering one piece of art smack dab in the middle of the wall. Furniture placements throughout the room must be considered when hanging art. A general rule of thumb is to keep the center of the art/picture at the average eye level height. I'm 5'4", so I actually hang them a little lower than the average height of 5'6" - 5'8"... but I like to feel art surrounding me. Plus, I want all the elements of the room to work together and feel connected. Too much wall space makes a room feel disjointed."

5. Create A Welcoming Seating Area

From Alieta @aliteatreasurehunting

"One of my best tips for making your home warm and welcoming is to make sure you have comfortable seating around your dinner table. Comfy chairs encourage lingering after the meal and diving into deeper conversations."

6. Let It Shine

From Jenny J. Zhu, Founder & CEO Lush Décor

Add a mirror -- no matter the size -- in every room of your home. Mirrors can both make a space look larger and more intimate at the same time. Mirrors help bounce light around the room giving the feeling of a more expansive space while also reflecting other areas/objects to establish a cozy, familiar feeling. If you're not all in on mirrors in your kitchen, choose a glossy backsplash that offers up similar reflective qualities.  

Angela from @DownSouthStreet also advises to stay away from anything too trendy and stick to more timeless pieces (especially when it comes to the pricier pieces). It's easy to grow tired of your décor (or updating your of-the-moment décor) when staying on top of trends. "When you're true to you and your own personal style, you can build a home for the ages."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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