4 Winter Fashion Trends to Apply in Your Home Decor Right Now

Dec 5, 2018by Kimberly Foerst
Have you ever peered into your closet only to realize that the brand new sweater you just bought is oddly similar to the elegant window curtains hanging in your bedroom? Now we don’t mean to say your sweater looks like a window treatment, but when it comes to seasonal trends, fashion and home decor often collide without us even realizing!
Take a look at these top winter fashion trends that you should absolutely apply in your home right now before the temperatures start to drop.  

Kelly Checker Room Darkening Window Curtains by Lush Decor

Navy, Navy, Navy
Navy is one of the hottest colors of the season, allowing us to indulge in a rich and dark shade that isn’t boring black. In clothing and in home decor, navy is a very versatile hue that can be used as both an accent and neutral base. This winter, if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe or home interior, navy blue is appealing, mysterious, and inviting.

Layer Decorative Pillows

Lots of Layering
Layering is front and center this season which means more blankets and pillows, as well as more sweaters and jackets. If your goal is to layer on the blanket throws and pillows, try mixing and matching different patterns to create a unique style and contrast that is all your own.

Floral Watercolor Comforter Set by Lush Decor

Flirty Florals
If you thought florals were leaving, you were wrong. Florals are bigger than ever right now in the fashion world and interior design world. Flowers are feminine, pretty, sometimes bold, sometimes soft, and work well when paired with other designs or by themselves.

Luca Faux Fur Throw by Lush Decor

Faux Fur for the Win
A trend that will keep you warm during fall and all throughout winter is faux fur. Faux fur has been a staple in fall and winter fashion for years and is making a strong comeback in 2018. In regards to home decor, faux fur is great if you want to add a little texture and coziness to a space that is lacking that “inviting” feel. Like florals, faux fur pairs well with a variety of materials from silks to velvets and even heavy wool.
Start preparing for the winter season with these trends now by perusing Lush Decor’s full inventory of soft Sherpa throws, quilt sets, floral items, and more!

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