4 Key Components of Farmhouse Style Decor

by Jenny Zhu
When you think of farmhouse style decor what comes to mind? Do you see comfort, simplicity, and items that are full of charm? Did you know that you do not need to actually live in a farmhouse or have big bucks to achieve this nurturing style?
Whether you are looking to change the entire appearance of your home or add bits and pieces of farmhouse decor, our design experts at Lush Decor are here to share the key components you will need to pull off the farmhouse style of your dreams!

Bird On The Tree Shower Curtain

Neutral Palette
To begin, you are going to want to start with a neutral color palette of both warm and cool shades. Gray, sage, silver, white, cream, and beige with a few natural wood tones mixed in will work best when trying to achieve an authentic farmhouse look. When adding in wooden pieces, opt for wood that is a little distressed with some wear and tear to it. This will really bring home the farmhouse style you desire!

Reyna Comforter Set by Lush Decor

Mix-and-Match Textures
Mixing-and-matching is always fun when it comes to home decorating. Give your home’s farmhouse look some depth by combining different textures like metal and wood, cotton and canvas, or linen and burlap. The mixing of textures will spice up the neutrality of colors and keep your space from looking flat.

Clara Window Curtains by Lush Decor

Embrace Nature
The farmhouse style is so closely related to nature that it’s simply impossible to get the look without adding some beautiful blooms to the room! Whether real or fake, in a portrait, or in a vase, flowers are a must.

Belle Quilt Set Pink Blush by Lush Decor

Vintage-Inspired Accessories
A vintage-styled soft cotton quilt set, a couple of carefully placed mason jars, and wicker baskets in all shapes and sizes is all you need when it comes to selecting the right accessories for your farmhouse-inspired decor. A few well-placed items can go a long way, so try not to overcrowd the room with them.
Do you need a little help finding the perfect pieces to complete your farmhouse style? Head over to LushDecor.com where you can buy affordable home decor for every room in your house.
What are your favorite farmhouse style staples? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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