3 Tips For Redecorating Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Aug 29, 2018by Kimberly Foerst
We were all teenagers once. This means we all know just how important it is to have space and a bedroom that we can call our own. Teenagers need a bedroom that they can escape to, relax, and just be themselves.

Bohemian Stripe Quilt Set For Teenager's Bedroom

As August comes to a close and a new school year lingers on the horizon, what better time than now to create a fresh start for your teen with a little bedroom redecorating? Redecorating your teen’s bedroom will not only serve as a great bonding experience, but it will also provide them with the fresh space they need for a successful school year.
Here are our three best tips for redecorating your teenager’s bedroom that will have them pumped to hit the books.
Consult With Your Teen First
Teenagers are finicky. One day their favorite color is blue and the next it’s red. So it’s wise to consult with them first before buying decorating supplies. Right now striped designs are extremely popular for both teen boys and teen girls. Boys tend to gravitate more towards darker, thicker stripes, while girls love brighter, more colorful stripe designs. If your teen is interested in the stripe design trend, browse our website where you will find tons of affordable home decor to buy to make redecorating a breeze.

Stripe 3 Piece Quilt Set for Teenager's bedroom

The More Storage The Better
During the school year, your teen needs a nice clean work area to prepare their schoolwork and be productive. Consider purchasing a new desk with tons of room for storage containers and places to keep paperwork secure. Nowadays storage containers come in almost any shape, size, color, or design you need.

Storage Boxes for Teenager's Bedroom

Create a Hangout Spot
Just as the bedroom should have a corner for productivity, it should also have a space to chill -- because let’s face it, teens spend a lot of time with friends in their rooms. A pair of upholstered club chairs is a great way to start creating the hangout space. Add some cozy throw blankets, colorful accent pillows, a small television, and your teen is set!

Teenagers playing video game

Redecorating your teen’s bedroom and setting them up for success in the upcoming school year doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow these simple tips, and encourage your teen to get involved with making decisions as well as the manual work like painting.
Whether you are looking to buy bohemian bedding online for your teen daughter or something less bold for your son, Lush Decor has it all. Shop now at LushDecor.com!

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