How to Choose the Perfect Bedding Style to Match Your Personality

Jun 14, 2016by Kimberly Foerst


Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary. And the focal point of any bedroom is always going to be the bed. You probably sleep anywhere from six to ten hours per night, which means you should make sure you have a great mattress with comfortable bedding that fits your own style and personality.
How would you describe your personality? Think about whether you would consider yourself generally outgoing or shy, easily excited or typically low key, bright and cheery or quiet and calm.
What’s your personality?
1. Bubbly or Easily Excited – We suggest choosing from very bright colors, soft and luxurious fabrics, and bold patterns.
Recommended Collections: Adrianne, Abner Geo, Aster, Boho Stripe, Bohemian Stripe, Clara, Floral Watercolor, Jaipur Ikat, Jigsaw Chevron, Lavish Damask, Leah, Mari, Maya, Misha, Modern Chic Stripe, Sophie, Stripe Medallion
2. Calm and Quiet – We suggest looking more at solid prints or subtle patterns in any color you enjoy.
Recommended Collections: Abby, Aubree, Aprile, Avon, Belle, Berlin, Briley, Evelyn Medallion, Madelynn, Printed Cable Knit, Ravello Pintuck, Rustic Stripe, Serena, Shelly Stripe, Thin Stripe Texture 
3. Somewhere in Between – If your personality changes by the day, it is best to look at a reversible comforter or quilt set.
Recommended Collections: Addington, Adrianne, Floral Paisley, Harley, Layla
With all the time you spend in your bed, making sure your bedding is comfortable and fits your style and personality is so important. 
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