Decorative Pillows For Beds

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    105 products

    Key Takeaways:

    • Rejuvenate Your Space With Pillows: Decorative pillows for beds provide a simple yet impactful way to rejuvenate your bedroom's aesthetic, reflecting personal style and enhancing comfort.
    • Mix and Match Your Styles: From throw pillows to novelty shapes, various pillow types, sizes, and materials allow you to tailor your décor to complement any design theme.
    • Placement Matters: Thoughtful arrangement and proper maintenance ensure that your decorative pillows remain a durable, luxurious addition to your sleeping haven.

    Types Of Decorative Pillows

    When it comes to choosing the perfect decorative pillows for your bed, the options are as varied as they are vibrant. Here's a breakdown of some popular types to help you refine your search and enhance the coziness of your bedroom:

    • Throw Pillows: The quintessential choice for adding a dash of charm, throw pillows come in myriad shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether it’s a bold graphic, subtle embroidery, or playful prints, these pillows add a layer of texture and color to any bed.
    • Bolsters: Long and cylindrical bolsters are not just for decoration; they provide excellent back or arm support while reading or lounging in bed. Wrapped in rich, velvety fabrics or serene, soft linens, bolsters bridge the gap between comfort and style.
    • Euro Shams: A staple in European bedding, these large square pillows create a backdrop for smaller decorative throw pillows and are perfect for those who enjoy propping up in bed. Euro shams in neutral tones or with delicate piping can elevate your bed’s style.
    • Lumbar Pillows: Especially great for those who need extra spinal support, lumbar pillows come in various lengths and widths suited to your support needs. Not only functional, these pillows can be found adorned with unique motifs and exquisite fabrics that reflect your personal taste.
    • Novelty Pillows: From quirky shapes like stars or animals to thematic designs that celebrate seasons or hobbies, novelty pillows inject fun and personality into your bedroom décor.

    With Lush Décor's commitment to luxurious materials, each pillow type offers a cozy, visual retreat that’s lovingly crafted for comfort and style. 

    Popular Materials Used In Decorative Pillows

    Decorative pillows for bed come in a wide array of materials, each adding a unique touch and texture to your sleeping haven. Here’s a rundown of some popular materials that you might come across during your hunt for the perfect comfy accents:

    • Velvet: Nothing says luxurious quite like velvet. Its exceptionally soft texture makes it a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of style and warmth to their bedroom. Plus, velvet pillows come in a variety of rich colors that can transform your room's ambiance instantly.
    • Linen: Known for its natural look and durability, linen pillows are a favorite for those seeking a breathable and lightweight option. They're perfect for creating a laid-back, organic feel in your space, and their natural wrinkles give them a charmingly relaxed appeal.
    • Cotton: Versatile and soft, cotton is widely used for decorative pillows due to its comfort and ease of care. Available in countless patterns and textures, cotton pillows allow for easy color coordination and can contribute to a fresh, clean look in your bedroom.
    • Faux Fur: For an instant injection of glamor and depth, faux fur pillows are the go-to. They provide the aesthetic and texture of fur while being animal-friendly. Plush and cozy, these pillows also serve as perfect cuddle companions.

    Maintenance And Care Tips For Decorative Pillows

    The Role Of Color And Pattern In Bedroom Design

    Choosing the right color and pattern is important when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your bedroom. Decorative pillows for bed are more than fluffy companions for your sleep; they have the power to transform the mood and look of your space.

    Starting with color, it's vital to select hues that resonate with the ambiance you wish to create. Soft pastels or rich earth tones can work wonders for a serene and calming retreat. On the other hand, if you're aiming for a vibrant and energetic space, don't shy away from bold colors like crimson, royal blue, or sunny yellow. Each color you choose sends a distinct message, setting the tone for your daily unwinding ritual.

    Patterns play an equally crucial role. They add depth and an element of intrigue to your décor. Whether you opt for geometric precision, floral delicacy, or abstract swirls, patterns contribute layers of visual interest that plain colors just cannot achieve alone. For those who adore a minimalist aesthetic, a singular, striking pattern on a decorative pillow can be a chic focal point without overwhelming the space.

    Choosing the right combination of colors and patterns in decorative pillows for a bed allows you to curate a personalized bedroom environment. Each selection is a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is your home. Whether blending seamlessly with your existing décor or standing out as vibrant accents, these pillows can help elevate your space.

    How To Arrange Decorative Pillows On A Bed

    Arranging decorative pillows on your bed can transform your bedroom from simply functional to a luxurious sanctuary. Here’s a fun and easy guide to styling your bed with decorative pillows:

    1. Start with a Clean Base: Ensure your bed is neatly made with your sheets and duvet or comforter smooth and flat. This provides a clean canvas for your pillows.
    2. Layer Big to Small: Place your larger pillows, such as Euro shams, at the back near the headboard. These typically serve as the foundation of your pillow arrangement and should stand the tallest.
    3. Add the Standard Pillows: Next, layer your standard sleeping pillows in front of the larger Euro shams. These could be encased in shams that match your duvet or in a contrasting style that completes the look of your Lush Décor favorites.
    4. Introduce Decorative Pillows: Now for the fun part—adding decorative pillows. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Typically, odd numbers of pillows create a more dynamic look, so consider using three or five decorative pillows.
    5. Play with Patterns and Textures: Don’t be afraid to mix stripes with florals or geometric patterns with solids. The variety brought by different textures such as velvet, linen, or faux fur can make your arrangement pop and echo the luxury-for-less style of Lush Décor.
    6. Final Flourish with Small Accents: Complete the look with the smallest pillows in the front. You might choose a uniquely shaped pillow like a bolster or a lumbar pillow that contrasts or complements the larger pillows.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily master the art of bed pillow arrangement, making your bedroom a stylish reflection of your personal taste.

    Choosing The Right Size And Shape For Your Bed

    When it comes to selecting decorative pillows for your bed, size and shape do matter. It's not just about picking the prettiest pillows; it's also about how they fit and enhance your sleeping sanctuary's overall look and feel. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely:

    Size Matters

    Begin with the size. The size of your bed should guide the size of your pillows. Larger pillows create a balanced aesthetic and comfort for a king-sized bed. Adding a few oversized squares (around 22 inches by 22 inches) typically provides a plush, luxurious backdrop. For queen and full-sized beds, slightly smaller pillows (around 18-20 inches) are more proportionate and won't overwhelm the space. Twin beds look best with even smaller pillows or a singular long lumbar pillow for a simple, streamlined look.

    Shape And Function

    After size, think about shape. Square pillows are a classic choice, versatile enough for any bed size and style. They provide excellent back support when you're sitting up to read or sip your morning coffee. Rectangular lumbar pillows are great for layering and provide extra lower back support, which is essential if you spend a lot of time reading or using a laptop in bed.

    Mix And Match With Purpose

    Don't be afraid to mix shapes and sizes for a dynamic and textured appearance. Start with larger pillows at the back, then layer with medium-sized ones, and add smaller, decorative pillows at the front. This not only adds depth to the bed setup but also allows each pillow to be seen and appreciated individually.

    By considering both the size and shape of decorative pillows for your bed, you can create a stylish yet functional arrangement that helps to create a comfortable and inviting bedroom oasis. Remember, it’s about finding the right balance to complement your bed and room while also reflecting your personal style.

    Read also:

    Decorative pillows for the bed are accent pillows that enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, helping to add depth and personality to your sleeping space. Unlike standard pillows used for sleeping, decorative pillows are primarily for styling and occasionally for added support when sitting up in bed.

    Choosing the right size of decorative pillows depends on the overall dimensions of your bed and the look you want to achieve. Smaller pillows are ideal for a twin bed, while larger pillows fit better on king-size beds. The standard size for decorative pillows ranges from 16x16 inches to 24x24 inches. Mixing different sizes can add a dynamic touch to the arrangement.

    The common shapes of decorative pillows include square, rectangle, round, and bolster. Square pillows are the most popular for layering and providing back support. Rectangular or lumbar pillows are great for lower back support, round pillows add a soft touch to sharp furniture edges, and bolster pillows work well for decorative purposes across the top of the bed or under the knees for extra comfort.

    Decorative pillows can be filled with various materials. Popular options include down, feather, polyester fiberfill, memory foam, and microbeads. Each type of fill offers different levels of firmness and support and hypoallergenic properties, making it suitable for various needs and preferences.

    The number of decorative pillows to put on a bed largely depends on personal taste and the bed size. A minimalistic approach might include one or two pillows, while a more elaborate arrangement could have up to five or seven pillows. Generally, an odd number of pillows makes for a pleasing configuration, balancing both symmetry and asymmetry.

    Arranging decorative pillows on a bed can be both fun and creative. Start with the largest pillows at the back, propped up against the headboard or wall. Layer in smaller pillows toward the front to create depth. For a classic look, use symmetrical placements; for a more casual style, go asymmetrical. Don't be afraid to mix colors, patterns, and textures to reflect your personal style and enhance your bedroom's decor.