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Mesh Vs Solid - How Do You Decide Between These Two Pool Cover Options?

Jan 21, 2024by Guest Blogger

Homeowners often consider swimming pool covers an aesthetic accessory, while these are some of the most efficient and functional items that every home with a pool needs to lower its maintenance burden and create a safe swimming environment. Consider this option if you have a pool in your backyard. After all, you want to keep it clean from leaves, debris, and dirt. At the same time, it can be a safety net for your kids and pets at home.

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However, one must know that all pool covers are not the same. It's better to prioritize your requirements and select something based on them. In this context, you may be relieved that most covers are solid or mesh. Each has some cons and pros.

You can check varieties at Just Covers for an idea. But how do you choose one over the other? Here is a quick comparative analysis to help you with your decision-making.

  • Look/ Appearance
    Proper installation will allow the covers to protect your swimming pool. They will stay in their place once anchored correctly. You can expect choices in colours and designs to suit your pool's environment. However, the two materials primarily differ in texture. Solid covers can resemble plastic or vinyl. As a result, after covering the pool, you see a smooth surface from one corner to another. Mesh is a closely knit fibre material with mini holes that hold debris and let the water pass. A mesh cover tends to enjoy a more textured look. Although the cover's appearance has nothing to do with aesthetics, you can still like one more than the other. That's why it's essential to learn about how the material feels.
  • Placement or installation
    The lightweight mesh cover is easy to install without requiring additional support. It can be perfect if you like to do the pool work yourself. However, solid covers will be weighty and demand additional help during installation. You can opt for this if others are willing to contribute. Nevertheless, one must realise that correct installation is essential to enjoy these pool accessories' optimum benefits. Otherwise, your investment will go to waste. When discussing installation, one must know that hardware should be in place to keep the cover in its position. If you have created a suitable system, spreading the cover over your swimming pool will be easy. You can pull over the cover and the straps to hook them at the right points.
    A few initial straps will be manageable, but the last ones can challenge your strength. Also, you may need professional help with hardware installation for the pool cover. So, please be ready for these things.
  • Dirty water accumulation
    One of the significant advantages of solid pool covers is their ability to block dirty water from trickling down. Mesh covers cannot do this. As a result, you may have to handle sediment when you open your mesh cover. With a solid cover, it's a non-issue. Solid covers can also be good for preventing algae growth risks.

Both types of pool covers are equally valuable and practical. You can choose one based on your top priority.

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