Trend Alert: Nursery Themes You can Expect to see in 2022

Jan 28, 2022by Alana Peace

Are you ready for the 2022 Trending Nursery Themes? Same here! Let’s dive in and explore the up-and-coming whimsical decor that will be adorning nurseries this year. 

Star Sheer Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtain Panel Set

Starry Solar System 

A star themed nursery lets you redesign the night sky with playful planets, smiling moons and a twinkling galaxy. With this gender-neutral theme, you’ll have a blast discovering the limitless design opportunities! Some fun ideas include celestial patterned decor like our Star Sheer Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtain Panel Set, constellation wall decals and a solar system mobile.

Wonderful Woodlands 

A woodland nursery is both magical and serene. A world of whimsical designs and enchanting wonderlands, it’s no surprise this is on the trend list. Sage greens and soft pinks mixed with a neutral palette will create a calming ambience in our nursery. Decorate with natural decor to bring that inspiring natural essence into your theme as well.

Sunshine Rainbow Soft Sherpa Baby Blanket

Sunshine and Rainbows 

If you’re looking for a cheerful nursery full of imagination, look no further! A sunshine and rainbow theme decorates your little one’s room with lively colors and playful designs. Color palettes can range from vibrant yellows and pinks to soft neutrals and creamy shades, depending on your style. Be sure to decorate the room with patterns of big rainbows and shining suns! 

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Cottagecore glamorizes the countryside style to create a homey and nostalgic look. This soothing aesthetic is also a perfect transitional theme that you and your baby can enjoy into toddlerhood. Floral decor, pastoral wallpaper and organic elements help bring this romantic theme to life.  

Plants on hexagonal shelf

Nature Inspired 

Nature is organically beautiful, which is why we commonly look to it for design inspiration. A nature styled nursery can be whimsical and fun or relaxing and beautiful. Feature some natural elements that inspired this look such as wood, plants and earthy tones into the space. This exciting theme can also be enjoyed for years to come as your little one grows.  

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