Sharing a Room with Your Baby

Jan 29, 2021by Alexa Robel
New and seasoned parents often find themselves trying to make room for their new addition in the most functional way possible to fit the needs of their family. Not only is it common to utilize a dual bedroom nursery, but there are so many ways to arrange your room to accommodate both you and your baby. Lush Decor Baby is here to help you make the most out of this temporary living arrangement for maximum function while keeping your sense of style in mind.
1. Distinct Living Spaces
Creating dual living spaces for you and your child that are clearly defined will help bring and maintain order to your bedroom. Set aside space to create a nook as the nursery area with a set of sheer curtains, for example. They’re easy to install and keep everything open and airy while visually creating that separate space. Architectural features like secured bookshelves or a stylish room divider fit well on a wall or the floor to quickly transform the area, creating a movable barrier.
2. Color Pallet 
Select a main color shade for the room that ties everything together, or mix a bold color with a few neutrals to give yourself options. Neutrals exude elegance and create a beautiful background for your and your baby’s furniture giving you the flexibility to implement different decor styles. Cover the wall behind the crib in a classic, calming accent color. Applying wall decals on the side of the room that has your baby’s furniture will help define the baby’s space giving it a nursery feel. Adding vibrant blankets or quilts can help add interest to a neutral space. Install a small area rug just large enough to fill the area of the room where the crib is to tie the space together and reduce noise. Fabric wall hangings and artwork also help add life to the space. 
 3. Proper Utilization
With limited space, placing a nursing chair or glider in the living room may be a better option as opposed to squeezing it into your room. You may also want to use a changing table alternative like a smaller scale, sturdy low-profile dresser. This will provide you with extra storage for diapers, wipes and other baby necessities. Place a padded changing pad on the dresser top with curved edges and secure it to the surface. Toss on a table runner and add a hamper or fabric bins to create more storage space or to put your baby’s dirty clothes in. You’ll want to still have the means to keep everything within arm’s reach.  
4. Add White Noise
Wouldn't it be nice if there were no outside noises to wake your sleeping baby up at night? White noise creates a subtle sound barrier to block out any potential noises that might wake your baby up while they are sleeping. There are plenty of white noise machines on the market, and even smart phone apps that you can use to promote a peaceful environment for your baby to sleep soundly all night. You may even sleep better with it on at night, too. 
Baby clothes
 5. Change up your Closet Space
Remove seasonal clothes and bulky winter gear from your room to make space for your baby’s clothes. Vacuum sealing or placing clothes in storage bins and storing them elsewhere are easy ways to simply organize and preserve your items. Wall hanging storage units that go over your door in your closet can also be a great option for storing your baby’s clothes.

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