How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower: 4 Clever Décor Themes, Invitation Ideas, Menu Options and More

Jun 28, 2024by Cathy Christino

It’s almost baby time and planning the perfect baby shower for your… sister, cousin, daughter, bestie, co-worker, favorite couple… has fallen squarely on your shoulders. Organizing such a monumental event is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy and shower the parents-to-be with love and support. Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or new to hosting, we’ve got some great ideas for throwing the perfect baby shower. From traditional to unique, here are four unique themes, invitations, games and menu ideas that are sure to keep everyone engaged.

Baby Shower

Classic Elegance Baby Shower Theme

A timeless choice, this classic theme is perfect for the parent-to-be who exudes classic sophistication and charm.

Color Palette

  • Soft pastels like blush pink, baby blue, mint green and lavender. Accentuate with gold or silver details.

Décor Ideas

  • Floral Arrangements: incorporate fresh flowers like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas for your centerpieces.
  • Elegant Table Settings: Use white linens, china, and glassware. Add a touch of glamour with gold or silver cutlery and candle holders.
  • Balloon Garland: A pastel-colored balloon garland can serve as a beautiful backdrop for the gift table or photo booth.

Elegant Invitations

  • Foil Stamped Invites: Choose invitations with foil-stamped lettering for an upscale touch.
  • Floral Motifs: Incorporate floral designs that match your design/color theme and floral arrangements.

Food & Drink

  • Tea Sandwiches: Offer a variety of tea sandwiches like cucumber, chicken Waldorf salad and smoked salmon.
  • Champagne Mimosa Bar: Provide champagne with a selection of fruit juices and fresh fruit. Be sure to include a signature mocktail for the mom-to-be.
  • Elegant Desserts: Serve delicate pastries, macarons, and a beautifully decorated tiered cake.

Games to Play

  • Guess Who? Ask for a baby photo of each guest and number them. Post the pictures around the room with a number attached to each one. Distribute a blank numbered list to each guest and ask them to guess who is pictured in each photo. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize!
  • Because I Said So! Add a little humor to the party with this parenting advice game. Ask guest to write down a funny parenting saying or piece of advice that they associate with their mom or dad. Put all the answers in a bowl and let everyone draw one. Have fun guessing who wrote each saying, and whether they would say it to their own child now that they’re a parent (or when/if they become a parent).

baby shower theme

Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower Theme

Perfect for nature lovers, a whimsical woodland theme brings the magic of the forest indoors.

Color Palette

  • Earthy tones like moss or sage green, warm browns, neutrals and soft yellows.

Décor Ideas

  • Natural elements: Incorporate wood slices, pinecones, and moss into your table décor.
  • Animal Accents: Uses cute woodland creatures like fox, deer and owls as sweet accents.
  • Fairy Lights: Bring on the magic by stringing fairy lights around the room to create an ethereal, twinkling atmosphere.

Clever Invitations

  • Woodland Creatures: Feature illustrations of woodland animals
  • Natural Textures: Use craft paper or invitations printed on recycled paper with earthy designs.

Food & Drink

  • Rustic Grazing Table: Offer a variety of cheese, cured meats, nuts and fruits served on a live-edge wooden board.
  • Herbal Iced Teas: Serve a selection of herbal iced teas like chamomile, mint, and hibiscus.
  • Forest-themed Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with forest-themed toppers like mushrooms, leaves and animals.

Games to Play

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of nature-themed items for guests to find.
  • Forest Woodland Baby Shower Games Bundle: This shower game pack includes fun games like, Would You Rather, Who Knows Mom Best, The Price is Right, and Nursery Rhyme Time.

boho Chic Baby shower theme

Boho Chic Baby Shower Theme

For the mom-to-be who’s down to earth and a little bit funky, a boho chic party is the perfect blend of eclectic and vibrant to suit her free-spirited personality.

Color Palette

  • Warm, rich colors like terracotta, mustard, burnt orange and teal combined with neutral tones and tons of textures.

Décor Ideas

  • Macramé Accents: Use macramé wall hangings, table runners, and plant hangers to add texture.
  • Vintage Furniture: Incorporate vintage or rustic furniture pieces for a cozy, eclectic feel. Fill an antique enamel baby bathtub with stand with ice to hold drinks or use an antique side table to display desserts.
  • Wildflower Bouquets: Use wildflowers and pampas grass in your floral arrangements for a natural, bohemian look.

Artsy Invitations

  • Dreamcatcher Design: Feature dreamcatchers or feathers on natural paper.
  • Boho Patterns: Use invitations with bohemian patterns like paisley, arches, arrows or botanicals.

Food & Drink

  • Bohemian Buffet: Serve a mix of eclectic dishes like quinoa salad, falafel, and flatbreads.
  • Infused Water Station: Offer water infused with fruits and herbs like lemon-mint, cucumber-basil and blackberry-thyme.

Games to Play

  • Flower Crown Making: Provide materials for guests to create their own flower crowns.
  • Name That Baby Tune: Play snippets of songs with “baby” in the title or lyrics and have guests name that song. Use popular songs from the 60’s for an extra Boho flair.

modern minimalist baby shower theme

Modern Minimalist Baby Shower Theme

A modern minimalist theme is perfect for anyone who appreciates clean lines and simplicity.

Color Palette

  • Neutral colors like white, beige, grey and occasional black accents.

Décor Ideas

  • Simple Centerpieces: Opt for monochromatic floral arrangements or succulents in sleek glass bowls.
  • Geometric Shapes: Incorporate a little geometric pattern into tableware, wall décor, and even cake decorations.
  • Streamlined Décor: Keep the décor minimal and uncluttered. Use stylish, modern furniture and decorations.

Eye-catching Invitations

  • Geometric Patterns: Use invitations with sleek shapes and minimalist design.
  • Monochrome Palette: Stick to a simple color scheme with black, white and beige or grey.

Food & Drink

  • Canapes: Serve a selection of modern canapes like avocado toast bites, smoked salmon blinis and mini Caprese skewers.
  • Sparkling Water Bar: Provide various sparkling waters with fresh fruit and herbs for flavoring.

Games to Play

  • The Baby Bucket List: Ask guests to write down at least one thing the new parents should do in baby’s first year. Collect all the notecards and present them to mom or the parents-to-be by the end of the party.
  • Don’t Say Baby: As each guest arrives, have them clip a clothespin onto their clothing. Whenever a guest is talking to someone who says “baby,” they take that person’s pin and puts it on themselves. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the party wins.

Whatever theme you choose, a baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the parents-to-be. By choosing a theme that resonates with them and carefully planning the décor, invitations, menu and games, you can create a wonderfully memorable event. The key is to infuse the celebration with joy and warmth.

Enjoy planning and happy baby showering!

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