Guest Blog: Easy DIY Painting Trends to Do With Your Kids

May 7, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Kids can be a bundle of energy, especially when they are younger. The best way to positively use this energy is to keep them busy. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of DIY home decor activities you can do with your kids.
You don’t always need a professional to do the paint jobs in your home. Painting is fun and can help you keep your kids busy and entertained. Painting is educational, as they can explore their artistic talents. Painting also imparts life skills.
However, the most challenging part for a parent is identifying a painting idea or trend to work on with your kids. Not all paint jobs are DIY and kid-friendly. Additionally, when working with your kids on a DIY painting job, you should exercise high parental control.
Below are some DIY painting trends you can do with your kids.
Painted rock
Painted rocks
Start painting with your kids by painting rocks. 
First, you will need to get a few supplies. Find flat smooth pebbles to paint. If you need them in bulk, visit your local stone yards, landscaping supply stores, stone depots, home depots, and stores such as Walmart.
You’ll also need paint, acrylic paint to be specific, and some small-sized brushes to apply the paint. Markers and pens will help you add some personal touch to your painted rocks
After getting all the supplies, you’re ready to start the project. The process is simple. 
- First, you need to wash and dry the rocks before applying paint. Water and a mild detergent should be enough to clean your rocks. Cleaning helps the acrylic paint to stick on the rock.
- Apply a base coat using acrylic paint and leave the rock to dry for some time. After it dries, you can use the markers and pens to make your outline. Here, you are free to apply all your creativity, but you should help your kids with the design and let them fill in the lines.
- Once you’re done with the paint job, use a sealant to protect the paint.
Scrape Painting 
Scrape painting lets you mix different colors to create colorful and beautiful artwork with your kids. What’s more, you can play with different shapes to add some texture and depth to your paintings.
To begin this project, you’ll need some paint, cardboard, and plain white paper. If you don’t have cardboard you can use an old cereal box.
Scrape painting is a simple process that starts with cutting lots of cardboard. Thereafter, apply the paint in small amounts to the plain white paper. Use the cut cardboards to spread the paint in different directions. Repeat the same process but using different colors.
painted sidewalk
Sidewalk paint
Another great idea to keep you and your kids busy and entertained is a sidewalk painting project. The reason most people, especially parents, choose to do sidewalk chalk paint with their kids is that everything is contained outdoors.
Sidewalk chalk paint is non-toxic and washable, which makes it kid-friendly.
You’ll need a few supplies to do the job, including; painting supplies, painting tape, and brushes (foam brushes, paint brushes, sponge). 
Start by placing the painting tape on the ground at places you want your kids to apply the paint. You don’t want the kids to mess up your whole sidewalk. The painting tape ensures your kids stay within the area to be painted. 
Once you’ve taped the sidewalk, give your kids enough paints and step back to watch them apply their creativity in the marked spaces. Once they’re done, pull up the tape to have a clear view of the painted sidewalk.
This project is best done during summer when there are no rains to disrupt and wash away your project.
Kid with painted hands
Handprint Rainbow Printing
If you and your children prefer a more hands-on time with the paint, handprint rainbow printing might just be the perfect painting idea for you. Rainbow crafts are very beautiful, and your kids will love painting using their hands. 
As always, you’ll need some supplies for your handprint rainbow printing. 
Get some acrylic paints, large card stock, and some brushes. You’ll need all the rainbow colors for the project.
Use the brushes to apply the paint to the palm of your hand. You can let the kids do this by themselves or help them out if they experience some difficulties. Again, you can extend the fun by applying or challenging the kids to apply the colors on both hands or even your feet.
Once you’ve applied the paint on your hand(s), print it on the card stock, and you’ll have a rainbow printing.
Smushed paint art
Have some fun with your kids by creating smushed paint art. The project is hands-on, simple, and requires few supplies. 
Some of the things you’ll need are; acrylic paint, paintbrush, plastic wrap, and mixed media paper. 
To start with, you’ll need to apply dots of acrylic paint randomly on the mixed media paper and in different colors of your choice. Do not apply too much paint on the paper as it will be messy and will take a long period to dry. Lay a plastic wrap on the painted paper. If you have a Ziploc gallon bag, you can place the painted paper inside it and close it tightly before taping it on the floor, table, or anywhere. 
Let your toddlers create some beautiful artwork by smashing the paint with their fingers. Once they’re done, take out the paper from the Ziploc gallon bag and give it some time to dry. And there you have a beautiful, no mess smushed painting.
Kid painting
Bottom Line
Painting with your kids is highly enjoyable and satisfying. There are multiple ideas you can use to create some fun and to let them unleash their creativity through artwork. 
Painted rocks, scrape paint, sidewalk paint, handprint rainbow printing, and smushed paint art are just a few DIY painting ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to apply some paint protection to protect your walls and keep them looking great.
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