Fun Activities to Engage Your Toddlers This Winter

Dec 31, 2021by Kimberly Foerst

After the holidays, you may be at a loss for what to do with your toddler children to keep them engaged and having fun. As the weather turns colder and harsher in the winter, you may find yourself getting cabin fever and longing for the summer when you can go on daily outings with them. So we asked local parents what their favorite activities are for toddlers to keep them busy and engaged – and off of their electronic devices -- during the cold winter months.

Keeping Them Busy Indoors

The most common response included any type of indoor play. Many parents agree that taking toddlers to trampoline parks, indoor golf, arcades, and age-appropriate indoor obstacle courses are the best way to make sure their kids are getting exercise, getting socialized and burning off some of their endless energy.

kids arts and crafts

At Home Fun

On days when you’d rather stay in, there are two things you must keep stocked: the crafts bin and the baking pantry. Every parent we spoke to mentioned either doing arts and crafts, coloring, or baking together. Some simple arts and crafts could be making jewelry together, making bath bombs, making slime, painting pictures, etc.

Toddler with a book

Local Libraries for Quiet Time

If you prefer something a little calmer or quieter, check with your local public libraries to see if they are hosting kids’ story time or any similar events. You could also go to the movies or to an art class for kids.

Kids hike

Outdoor Activities

On the milder days where you can spend some time comfortably outside, you could teach your toddler how to catch and throw a ball (start with a soft one), play hide and seek in the yard, dig for “treasures” in the yard, or go on a hike and play a fun game like guessing which animals made various footprints you find along the way.

Toddler soccer

Another great option for the winter time is taking up early lessons for exploring possible sports your child might enjoy or thrive in, such as swimming lessons, gymnastics lessons, or indoor soccer lessons.

We hope this list of ideas has inspired you to spend some time having fun and learning with your little one this winter. Leave a comment sharing your favorite winter activities.

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