Bringing the Holiday Spirit to Your Nursery Decor

Nov 3, 2023by Vera Helein

The holiday season is a magical time filled with warmth, joy, and festive cheer. It's the perfect opportunity to infuse your home with themed decor. Creating a holiday-inspired nursery may fill your heart with happiness as you witness your little one's wonder and excitement.

Choose a Theme

The first step to bringing the holiday spirit to your nursery is selecting a theme that resonates with the season. Classic themes like "Winter Wonderland," "Santa's Workshop," "Festive Forest," or "Baby's First Christmas" are all popular options. You can also draw inspiration from your family's holiday traditions to make the decor even more meaningful.

Festive Colors

Infuse the nursery with the colors of the season. Traditional hues like red, green, gold, and silver evoke a warm and festive atmosphere. Opt for soft, cozy textiles such as holiday-themed crib sheets, blankets, and curtains to create a snug and inviting space. Consider adding decorative throw pillows with holiday motifs, like reindeer, snowflakes, or Santa Claus, to complete the look -- but remember, they don't belong in the crib. Only add them to chairs where adults sit to avoid suffocation.

Festive Nursery

Twinkling Lights

No holiday decor is complete without twinkling lights. Add a string of fairy lights around the crib or along the shelves to create a whimsical ambiance. Dim the overhead lights and let the soft glow of the fairy lights fill the room during bedtime routines to create a soothing and magical environment for your little one.

Holiday Nursery Decor

Adorn the Walls

Transform the nursery walls into a holiday wonderland. Use removable wall decals or stickers with snowflakes, stars, or festive characters to add a playful and festive element. Hang garlands or bunting with holiday messages or baby's first holiday wishes. You can also create a photo gallery with pictures of your baby enjoying the holiday season in different years.

Festive Nursery Decor

Seasonal Mobile

A holiday-themed mobile above the crib will mesmerize your little one. Opt for a mobile adorned with small ornaments, soft snowflakes, or stuffed holiday characters gently dangling above the crib. This not only adds to the festive atmosphere but also serves as a captivating distraction for your baby during diaper changes and naptime.

Holiday Books and Toys

Introduce holiday-themed books and toys to your nursery decor. A small basket filled with board books featuring classic holiday tales or baby-friendly renditions of holiday stories can make for enjoyable bedtime reading sessions. Soft plush toys shaped like Santa, reindeer, or snowmen can also be placed around the room to engage your baby's senses and spark their imagination.


Bringing the holiday spirit to your nursery decor is a wonderful way to create magical memories with your little one during the festive season. By selecting a theme, incorporating festive colors, twinkling lights, personalized ornaments, and holiday wall art, you can transform the nursery into a cozy and enchanting space. Enjoy the wonder of the holidays as you celebrate your baby's first Christmas and beyond. Your little one may not remember these moments, but the photographs and the love you put into creating their holiday nursery will remain cherished for a lifetime. Happy decorating and happy holidays!

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