Worldwide Furniture Styles (Infographic)

Jul 4, 2018by Guest Blogger
Are you thinking of redecorating your home but can’t decide on a style or color pattern? Sometimes a little online sifting can set off beacons of inspiration in you and steer you towards a décor style.
If you like having a bright, glitzy home, a French-style design is worth exploring. If you want an abundance of color, check out Italian designs. If you’d prefer to keep it minimalist with lots of white, then a Scandinavian style would suit you.
The team at Jarrimber put together an infographic outlining some of the more popular furniture styles from across the world. Check it out below; you might just find a style that perfectly suits you and your home!
Worldwide Furniture Styles Infographic 

About the Author:

Todd Smith works with Jarrimber, manufacturers of bespoke home furniture made from Jarrah and Marri timber in Perth, Australia. He hugely enjoys DIY and often writes articles on the subject in the hope of dispensing useful advice to homeowners.

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