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Sophie Furniture Protector by Lush DecorFurniture protectors and slip covers are ideal for any home because they can do so much for homeowners and renters alike. They can give an older, used sofa new life or protect the investment made on a new, expensive couch. They can add just the right pop of color to a room. Furniture protectors make keeping difficult-to-clean furniture stain free a cinch.
So here are some things to consider before deciding on a furniture protector to fit your needs:
• Is it comfortable?
You do have to sit on it after all.
• Is it easy to install?
If it’s difficult to install, you may not bother with it, or you may be less likely to clean it as often as needed. (Watch this video to see how easy it is to install Lush Decor furniture protectors.)
• Will it hold up to pets and people?
How much action does your furniture see in a day? Are kids jumping on the seat cushions? Do your dogs like to dig through everything? If so, you’ll need a more durable option.
• Can you still use your reclining function?
Many new couches and sofas recline now. If you’d like to continue to use that feature, you’ll need the right furniture protector.
• Will it stay in place?
This is very important. The furniture protector cannot do its job of protecting the fabric of your seats if it is constantly shifting out of place. Plus, it looks disheveled if it moves off to the side or bunches up.
• Is it washable?
This is a must. If it’s not washable, you’ll have to replace it as soon as someone has a spill. You may also want to consider whether it is machine washable or dry clean only.
• Is it waterproof?
If it isn’t, how do you know your chair won’t be stained with the first spill? Even worse, if you have a pet prone to having accidents inside the home, this quality is hugely important.
• Does it cover the entire chair, or just the main seating areas?
If complete coverage is important to you, a slip cover will be required. However, you’ll generally only need to cover the “wear” areas, including the seat, arms and back rest.
• Will the color and/or design look good in your space?
Obviously you want it to work well aesthetically with the rest of the room’s decor.
There are many different options available to protect your furniture. If you are in the market for a furniture protector or slip cover, we recommend using the above list as a guide to determine which qualities are most important to you and which option is best for your home.
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