Guest Blog: What Are the Uses of a Serving Tray and Why Should I Get One?

Jun 30, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Serving trays are highly versatile in the decor of your home that can be styled in a multitude of ways. While they are called serving trays, their function go far beyond merely serving food or drinks.

Decorative Serving Tray

If you have been considering buying a serving tray, consider these uses in your home:
Living Room
A coffee table serving way is an effective way to keep various small items in one place. This type of serving tray can be styled in many ways depending on the look you want.
For example, a serving tray on a coffee table might contain only a candle and six coasters to protect the table surface. But the tray makes the table look more orderly and assembled than if the items were just strewn on the table.

Serving Tray In A Dining Area

Dining Room
Placing a tray on your dining room table is a nice way to style the table and keep things nearby for meals and occasions. You can artfully place candles, flowers, salt and pepper shakers, and other items to add style to the table. The serving tray also makes it much easier to move these items when you need to clean up.
There are some classic bar items that have a classic beauty to them, such as martini shakers, decanters, and some liquor bottles. Instead of closing that elegance in a cabinet, consider placing your vital bar tools on a serving tray. It adds sophistication to your space and creates a sense of style. For instance, you can set out a silver tray with a martini shaker, decanter, a few shot glasses and a water pitcher.

Serving Tray in a Bar

A tray in your kitchen is the ideal way to keep regularly-used items available and together. The salt and pepper are needed with other often-used ingredients, such as garlic and oil, so why not place them on a tray together? It also is a good place to keep pots of herbs available within hand’s reach.

Serving Tray in a Bedroom

A tray in the bedroom is perfect to hold just about anything. Flowers, candles, lights, perfumes, pictures, and jewels are just a few of the things you can put on a tray to keep your room looking nice and organized.
As you can see, a serving tray can be used for much more in your home than serving food. So, buy a few serving trays today and use them in a unique way in your home’s most often-used spaces.


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