Trend Alert: Decorating with Pom Poms

May 26, 2021by Kimberly Foerst
Pom poms are popping up more and more in home fashion, and it’s easy to see why. Stylish pom pom accents make a statement in a room. They add a cheery and feminine touch to any space.
Available in all different sizes and colors, you can find pom poms attached on window curtains, shower curtains, throw blankets, bedding, decorative pillows and more in the marketplace. This means you can add the trend to any room in your home.
Here are some of our favorite items that feature the distinct look:
Pom Pom Window Curtains
Pom Pom Window Curtains
Each side of the window panel from top to bottom is lined with pom poms. These window curtains are available in multiple sizes and colors and fit in perfectly in a kids’ room, nursery or bedroom. They provide the privacy you need while letting in plenty of natural light. The small size of the pom poms means these won’t overwhelm the look of the room. If you’d like to match your bathroom with the same style, this item is also available in a matching shower curtain.
Boho Pom Pom Tassel Faux Linen Shower Curtain
Boho Pom Pom Tassel Shower Curtain
The faux linen fabric used as the base of this shower curtain is lovely on its own, but these make a real statement when you add the detachable pom pom tassels. Each tassel is made of pom poms in multiple sizes and the finished look is breathtaking. This will definitely be the centerpiece of your bathroom decor. What’s even better, this design is also offered in a matching window panel so you can create the same look in multiple rooms in your home. And they’re all machine washable when you remove the tassels.
Pom Pom Stripe Quilt 3 Piece Set
Pom Pom Stripe Quilt Set
This 100% cotton quilt set is perfect for the minimalist, or for someone looking for the perfect layering piece for the bedroom. It’s all white and has horizontal rows of very small pom poms. The pom poms give the quilt set a unique textured look, but they don’t take over the space so it’s easy to decorate around this bedding.
Diamond Pom Pom 3 Piece Comforter Set
Diamond Pom Pom Comforter Set
If you like a heavier bedding set, this comforter set is similar in style to the quilt set above, but it is offered in more color options. It’s perfectly weighted to keep you warm and toasty even on the coldest winter nights. The diamond pattern created by the small pom poms also is very trendy and makes this set a bit more eye-catching.

Adelyn Pom Pom Shower Curtain by Lush Decor

Adelyn Pom Pom Shower Curtain
The neutral color stripe at the top and bottom of this shower curtain put a fun spin on a traditional color block style. Two horizontal rows of small pom poms give the design the added pizzazz it needs to add both fashion and function to your bathroom.
Kemmy Quilt
Kemmy Collection
We have created a whole collection of items that feature ruffles and pom poms in a truly feminine and elegant way that is ideal for any age, from young children to teens and grown adults. This collection includes matching window curtains, quilt sets and shower curtains in multiple color options.
Lush Decor is proud to be a leader in creating new designs that are timeless and that are ahead of the trends. We are compelled to create distinctive, innovative designs that surprise and delight. What better way to surprise and delight than with unique pom pom details! Check back often to for even more items with pom poms coming soon.

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