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Here is an important tip you need to understand regarding bedrooms – it is a sanctuary and a personal getaway. The bedroom is the perfect place to relax after a hard day's work, so you need to get the interior decor of the room right. You can surround yourself with your favorite colors and collections along with lighting fixtures that set your mood right.
Here are the top tips you need to keep your mind regarding bedroom planning, according to interior decor experts.
Choose a Subtle Color

subtle paint color

If you are looking to make a statement, then nothing beats the bold and bright primary colors. However, with the bedroom being your primary resting place, you need a palette that is generally compromised on monochrome and somber tones. You might have a favorite hue, but keep in mind that a lighter shade of your favorite color works perfectly well for your bedroom.
The Importance of the Ceiling
Most homeowners overlook the ceiling, but you need to understand that it is the fifth wall of the room. Generally, the ceiling is usually a bland and blank surface, which simply translates to – boring! However, here is an idea for you; how about painting the ceiling as well with a shade that is lighter than the wall colors. This will have an effect on lowering the ceiling, which means the bedroom will feel comfortable and intimate.
You can even go for other options to beautify the ceiling that includes the use of stencils and wallpaper for it. There are beams, moldings, and various decorative paint jobs that can add a dimension to the ceiling. There are other out of the box options as well, a chandelier or other such design elements to add layers to the interior decor.

Hygge Style Bedding By Lush Decor

A Simple Bedroom is the Best Bedroom
Bedroom decor is tricky to get right. It is supposed to look cozy, sophisticated, and elegant yet should be simple at the same time. Regardless of the kind of decoration you choose, there are certain practical features that you need to consider. There should be a minimum of 3-feet between the bed and the walls for the ease of movement. Keep in mind that the furniture should be spaced out as well and only include the essential fixtures like a dresser and tables. Keep the wall decor simple with artwork, family photos, candles, and flowers.
The Right Sized Furniture
Expanding on the previous point, it is not just about the number or the type of furniture. You need to consider the size of the furniture as well. The first step is to understand the size of your bedroom. The trick to buy furniture that is appropriate to the size of your room. If you have a bigger bedroom, then you need larger furniture pieces, which will bring down the size of the room. If you have a small-sized bedroom, then you need furniture that doesn't crowd out the room.

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Storage Space is Important
A bedroom needs to look serene, and therefore any storage space should ideally remain out of sight. Any storage space that is visible inside the room will make it feel like being cooped up in limited space. You can always arrange for the storage space with a bedside table with drawers. The drawers can be used for storing books, lotions, and spectacles. Use a storage bench for sheets, linen, and other bedding items.
A Private Nook will Work Great
Here is an interesting idea for you – how about a nook for your personal space and entertainment? An intimate lounging area or a reading space with comfortable chairs and footstools will put your bedroom on a different level altogether. All you need is a window seat, which will allow you to enjoy the natural light.
About the Choice of Linens


If luxury is what you are looking for, then you need linens and classy ones at that. When you are looking for comfort, then nothing comes close as beautiful linens. Keep in mind that sheets shouldn't be anything other than the 100% cotton or linen variety. These high-quality linens have a thread count of 350 or more and are exclusively found at five-star hotels. All you need is to invest right and send them to a professional dry cleaner periodically. You can even invest in soft mohair or cashmere for the reading chairs to add a plush look to the bedroom. Silk draperies or a silk canopy for the bed is also a great addition if you are looking to complete the look.
Add a Window Cover

Lush Decor Sheer Curtains 

You should never overlook the essential role windows play for the overall interior decor of the room. All you need do is frame the window right while adding color, patterns, and certain softness to the room. Soft sheer curtains are perfect if you are looking to let the light in and create a mellow mood.  Additionally, you need opaque roller blinds as well with roll-on/off features. This will enable you to maintain privacy at night and block the early morning sun as well.
A Thing About the Lighting Options

bedroom lighting options

Here is a fact you need to understand about the lighting of the bedroom. Layering the lights is an excellent idea as ambient light increases focus for various activities that include bedtime reading. Accent lights are just right if you are looking for soft illumination. A bedside lamp is an excellent addition if you are a hardcore reader. However, it is crucial to install a dimmer for each light source in the bedroom, which will allow you plenty of options to be selective regarding the focus of the lighting.
Your Bedroom is a Real Getaway
Lastly, here is a tip on discipline for you. Your bedroom is the place for a getaway, so you should avoid cell phones, television, exercise machines, computers, and laptops. Use your bedroom to rest and create a place to cherish. Read, relax, and sleep to charge your batteries right.
That concludes this list of all the tips that you should consider regarding the interior decor of your bedroom.

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