Top Home Décor Trends to Incorporate in 2022

Jan 19, 2022by Alana Peace

The interior guide for 2022 is all about turning your home into your haven. Making the most of your home by keeping it functional and stunning is of high importance. Read more about these trending home fashion concepts and how you can customize them to fit your home and life style.

Green paint

Earth Tones

Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others have all chosen their 2022 colors of the year and they all fall into the same theme – nature. Shades of taupe, sage, gray and sky blue organically cozy up the home. Neutral colors open the gates to numerous decorating opportunities and satisfy the balance of serenity and style.

Wood home decor

Natural Décor

The colors of the year have arrived at the perfect time for this new adorning trend. Decorating with natural décor brings a bit of that innate worldly magic into the home. Elements such as wood, crystal and stone relax the aesthetic of your space and create a homey vibe.

Functional shelf desk

Multifunctional Spaces

Doubling your dining room as an office from 9-5 may have worked initially during the work-from-home transition, but this year you can embrace your busy schedule all while maintaining an operative and stylish space. A multifunctional room is very useful for remote working and keeping a tidy home. Investing in mobile furniture and decluttering spaces can help shape the focus of any given room and easily adapt it for other uses.

rounded couch

Round and Curvy Decor

Who doesn’t want an inviting home! Designers have the key to achieving this admired style and it’s all about the shape. Round and curvy furniture is found to be comforting and very helpful in styling a welcoming space. Circular tables, curved sofas and edgeless décor can help make your space warm and friendly.

Smart Furniture

Technology has slipped its way into many industries, and home textiles is no stranger. Smart furniture has many benefits to improve livability. Tables with speakers, desks with USB ports and convertible décor with expandable functions are meant to adapt to our modern lifestyles and ease our day-to-day tasks.

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