Top 3 Reasons to Purchase a Duvet Cover Set (Instead of a Comforter)

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When it comes to purchasing either a brand new comforter set or a duvet cover set, homeowners are often perplexed by the difference between the two and which type of bedding will suit their needs the best. The duvet cover versus comforter debate has been an ongoing topic of conversation in the world of home textiles for some time now.

And although both types of bedding covers offer their own unique benefits, today we are going to highlight the top three reasons why you need to purchase a duvet cover set this fall, instead of a comforter.
But first, before we get into the advantages of buying a duvet cover, let’s quickly go over what a duvet is for those who don’t know.

Hotel Geo Duvet Cover Set

A duvet is a soft cover that can be filled with feathers, wool, or another synthetic alternative. Duvets are typically white and very plain, so colors and designs do not show through the duvet cover. Essentially, a duvet cover is the same to a duvet as a pillowcase is to a pillow. The advantages of duvets and duvet covers are as follows:
Duvet covers are far less expensive than buying multiple comforters when you are feeling the itch to redecorate. Duvet covers come in all different sizes, designs, and materials. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for, at a great price.

Easy to Maintain/Washable
If you’re the type of person who likes to have breakfast in bed occasionally, but worries some of your breakfast may end up on your blankets, fear not, because duvet covers are easy to maintain and machine washable. Whereas many comforters are too large to fit standard washing machines, your duvet cover should fit easily. Be sure to check your duvet and duvet cover labels as each set is going to have different washing instructions.
Seasonally Versatile
Imagine being able to regulate your body temperature throughout the seasons. Well, with a duvet, you can. In the summertime, cotton-filled duvets are lightweight and will keep your body cool, while a wool-filled duvet will keep you nice and warm during the winter. You will also be able to easily switch out the duvet cover to match it to the appropriate season and the rest of the room’s decor.
As you can see, duvets and their corresponding duvet covers offer endless amounts of benefits that not only treat your bank account kindly, but allow you to change up your style as often as you want.


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