Tips for Converting the Nursery into a Big Kid Bedroom

Jan 30, 2019by Kimberly Foerst
Watching your child grow up is such a bittersweet process. You’re full of the joy that comes with all the firsts, milestones, and accomplishments, as well as the sorrow of it all happening too fast. Every parent knows all too well about how you would love to slow down the years and freeze your family for a while so you can enjoy certain ages and eras.
But, there are times in every child’s life when you have to put the past in the past and move on to the next stage. Converting the nursery into a big kid bedroom is one of those times.

Star Quilt Sets by Lush Decor

If you find yourself at this crossroad, ready to ditch - or donate - the crib and redecorate, here are some simple ideas:
1. Pick a Theme
Choosing a theme for a room can really make the renovation process fun. You can tailor the room to your child's unique interests, or run wild with your own imagination and recapture some of your own youth.
If you're stumped trying to pick a theme, don’t worry. Lush Decor is proud to unveil a brand new line of Juvy bedding, window treatments, and accessories to help establish an adorable theme for your child’s room.

Universe Collection by Lush Decor

We love the Universe Quilt Set for an intergalactic theme; just think of how creative you could get with wallpaper, or painting the walls to look like outer space! Or there’s the Car Tracks Quilt Set if your child feels the need for speed. Animal lovers will also enjoy the Owl Stripe, Llama Stripe, and Stripe Bear motifs.

Bunk Beds in a kid's room

2. Bunk Beds:
Maybe the biggest and most exciting transition for a child going from a baby's room to a big kid's room is getting a new bed, and there’s just something about bunk beds that add extra excitement. Bunk beds conjure up visions of sleepovers with new friends from school and staying up all night having adventures. They also allow for the child to grow, starting on the bottom bunk for safety and eventually getting to climb the ladder and sleep up top.
When it comes to bunk bed design, the sky's the limit. A free-standing bunk set can be imagined into a pirate ship or a tree house. Bunk beds built into a wall can be a clubhouse where there are no girls - or boys - allowed.

Suitcase Toy Box

3. Multi-Use Toy Box:
If you've got kids, you’ve got toys. Lots and lots of toys. And if you've got big kids, you've got kids who need to learn to keep their bedroom neat and tidy. You need a toy box of substantial size. Why not build a wooden toy box that can be painted to look like a car, or an elephant, or a dolphin, and played with as a toy itself? Kids love to imagine and can spend hours creating an alternate universe with the simplest inspiration.
Growing up is tough for kids and parents, but with a little creativity, the process can be more fun than fretful.
Check out Lush Decor’s entire new Juvy line of children’s bedroom accents on our website. While you’re there, browse around the rest of our site for all your home decor needs, from elegant window curtains to soft sherpa throws and more, and start living a lush life!

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