Tips for a Well Dressed Bed

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Here at Lush Decor, we know a thing or two about bedding! The bed is ultimately the centerpiece of every bedroom. Interested in learning about how you can make your bed look stunning and feel cozy? Follow our layering guide to create a restful yet beautiful space that reflects you!
Layer 1: Sheets
Begin with a foundation of fresh, simple sheets. Using neutral colored sheets allows you to layer on prints, patterns and textures of all sorts without having to think about coordinating them with your sheets. Dressing your bed starts with the right pair of sheets to fit your comfort and style preferences.
Leah Quilt Set
Layer 2: Add a Bedspread, Quilt or Coverlet
Bedspreads, quilts and coverlets add the perfect amount of style and warmth to any cozy bed. Over the flat sheet, place the bedspread, quilt or coverlet of your choice. Bedspreads typically drape down to the floor, covering what’s beneath your bed. Quilts and coverlets typically have a casual, colorful or detailed look to them to provide a visual appeal. These types of bedding sets normally come with matching pillow shams.
Of the three, quilts provide the most warmth. They will keep you cozy in the winter and can be used alone in warmer months. Quilts can also be used as an accent textile by folding it at the foot of the bed. Whatever your style, bedspreads, quilts and coverlets are essential for beautifully layering your bedding because they are both fashionable and functional. 
Bella Comforter Set
Layer 3: Add a Duvet or Comforter
For maximum comfort and style, lay a duvet or comforter over the quilt. If your quilt or coverlet is patterned, consider color coordinating your comforter to your quilt or coverlet by picking out a color from the quilt or coverlet and matching it accordingly, or using subtly patterned duvet or comforter. Details such as ruffle trim or embroidery add interest and can emphasize the style of your space.  A simpler design lets you easily incorporate the patterns and colors on the bed with your other decor, linens and furniture upholstery. 
Decorative Pillows
Layer 4: Decorative Pillows
Knowing the basics of arranging pillows elevates your bed from basic to well-dressed. Layer pillows three rows deep for a voluminous look. The largest size of pillows, typically the bed pillows, go upright in the back. Next, arrange the shams so the bed pillows are peeking out from behind. For a king-size bed, try three shams to fill in the space. King-size bed pillows are large enough to fill gaps behind the shams.
Ready to let loose with your creativity? Arrange a layer of small accent pillows in contrasting colors and textures. Choose squares, bolsters, lumbar and rounds – whatever you love. Mix and match them. It’s fine if you want to keep the number to a minimum so you don’t have too many extra pillows to take off the bed when you want to get in and relax!
Layer 5: Spread out Throw Blankets
Details count on your well-dressed bed. Folded throws or blankets at the bottom of the bed or tossed onto an end-of-bed bench will entice you. Chunky cable knit or faux fur throws add an immediate sense of luxurious texture. Even when you simply toss them onto the bed instead of folding them, throws and blankets make the space look elegant and inviting.
Lush Decor Bed Skirt
Optional: Add a Bed Skirt or A Bed Spread
Adding a bed skirt may be the finishing touch to giving the bed a completed look, but it also may be unnecessary depending on the bed frame you may have and the length of your first layer of bedding. There are a few different types of bed skirts on the market, such as a classic pleated or ruffle box spring skirts, or velcro or elastic bed skirts which require less effort to apply around a bed. Bed skirts also serve another purpose of helping to hide any storage solutions you use to store belongings under the bed. A bed spread can also serve the same purpose as a bed skirt in the sense that it hides the bed frame and additional storage. 
Leah Quilt Set Bella Comforter Bedding Bundle
And there you go! Your bed is now well dressed and perfectly presentable!
Products shown top layer to bottom: Let's Stay Home Decorative Pillow, Bella Comforter Set, Leah Quilt Set, Ticking Stripe Bedspread Set.

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