This Spring and Summer Season's Top Decor Trends and Themes

by Alexa Robel

This Spring and Summer season will be all about letting the outside reflect on the inside of the home. Here are this season's top decor trends and themes, and ways you can apply them in your home! 

Emma Textured Jacobean Window panel


Jungalow style is a combination of jungle, bungalow, and bohemian decor to reflect a free spirited way of life. Jungalow style focuses on comfort and coziness with a bold expression of color, and often features icons such as plants, sunshine, and exotic animals. Rattan, tassels and floral patterns are often paired with these icons to give a warm feeling while tying in that touch of spring we all have been longing for.

 Cottagecore vintage charm bedding bundle

Old Mixed with New

Vintage has reinvented itself time and time again. Vintage charm is becoming appreciated again, and is being paired with newer, shinier decor. Old headboards, antique (but in good shape) furniture, vintage art or family keepsakes are being dug up and set out to give a sense of belonging.

Outdoor patio

Pretty Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor space is becoming less neglected and is getting more attention. Outdoor rugs, potted flowers and plants, and decorative accessories such as string lights and outdoor throw pillows are being set out to prepare a cozy space for friends and family time. The importance of feeling comfortable in the home has made its way to the outdoor space over the last few years, and this trend is here to stay.

Bedding Bundle: Southwest Stripe Quilt + Solid Kantha Pick Stitch Quilt/Coverlet

Desert Chic

Traditional desert style icons and elements such as cacti and terracotta colors will be paired with more feminine elements (such as lace and fringe) to put a 'new' twist on the desert boho style we have seen time and time again. 

Indoor plants


Is anyone surprised that plants are here to stay? From faux and real plants, to seasonal wreaths and even prints of plants hung up as wall art, it is safe to say this trend isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Ava oversized quilt - mustard yellow

Sprinkles of Sunshine

Not only can you expect to see the sun as a big icon this season in wall art and soft textiles such as throw pillows and even blankets, but pops of yellow will be big this year in home decor, too. From throw pillows, to curtains to decorative elements like vases and more, there are easy ways to sprinkle yellow pops to your home decor.

Which trend will you play into this spring season? Let us know in the comments below!

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