The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Project: Giving Your Interior Decor a Facelift

by Jenny Zhu
Spring is a time of renewal. As plants and flowers come back to life and we begin opening our windows to let the breeze roll in, the season ushers into a period of transformation and revitalization. However, current predicaments appear to make this change difficult. As we spend more time indoors, work from home, and practice social distancing, it’s understandable that we have a sense of “cabin” fever, even though we’re well into spring. But that doesn’t mean your spring cleaning duties come to a halt — nor does your eye for decor!
As such, it’s important to implement changes that help deliver the promise of these first few warm months: rejuvenation, visual appeal, and a sense of comfort.

Collapsible storage boxes

Making the Most Out of Upgraded Decor
When you’re thinking about how you can maximize your space while upgrading the home’s interior fixtures and fabrics overall, consider these crucial areas of focus:
Time to Declutter
Now that the whole family is spending more time at home together, you probably pick up on some areas that could use a little TLC. Decluttering keeps you organized and helps you live your life more efficiently! Moreover, clutter has psychological influences, as it signals your brain that work is not done. Studies have shown that a disorganized abode can significantly contribute to your stress levels. The scientific implications of inhaling dust, coupled with the mental strain of navigating through cluttered desks or unsorted laundry, can take its toll. As such, make sure you set aside some time to:
 >Organize your closet
 >Dust and take an inventory of the items in your home office
 >Sort through that dreaded junk drawer
You may be surprised at how “fresh” you feel after you tackle these areas. But these tasks beg the question — “what should I do with the stuff I don’t throw out?” Our unique storage boxes are the perfect fit! Since you’ll spend a reasonable amount of time looking at and handling them, why not go with something a bit more exciting than a strictly pragmatic solution? Check out our collapsible solutions!

Kitchen Windows

Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Think — when was the last time you cleared out your refrigerator or wiped down your cabinet doors? What about that unorganized pantry you’ve been stuffing random things in for the past year? Now is the time to take a look! Just as you would approach other cluttered areas around your home, treat your kitchen as another living space that needs some breathing room of its own. From discarding old food to getting rid of various elements that have clearly seen better days, cleaning can help you move onto the next step; re-designing!
Spring has sprung, which means our days are longer and flowers are starting to bloom! With this in mind, you may consider adding a valance to your kitchen windows. Not only will season-appropriate colors breathe life back into the space after winter, but valances themselves function as aesthetically-pleasing frames to the world outside of your home — encasing you and your family’s front-row seat to the warm months ahead.

Weeping Flora Double Swag Shower Curtain

Shower Thoughts
We recommend giving fixtures in your bathroom a wash of their own! Taking disinfecting solutions to your bath, vanity, and toilet restores the room’s appearance and cuts down on germs that may have set up camp. However, not everything can be wiped down to feel brand new — including shower curtains.
Shower curtains can be so much more than their practicality — they can serve as decor! With light colors and springtime patterns, shower curtains give you the option to be as tried-and-true or bold as you like. While most everything in a bathroom serves a function, a unique shower curtain will stand up to the repeated use of you and your family and serve as a visual centerpiece to potential visitors.

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