The Importance of Choosing the Right Bed Sheets

Feb 2, 2022by Alexa Robel
It may surprise you to know that your bed sheets may be to blame if you are not getting a good night’s sleep. Of course, there are many things additionally that contribute to the quality of your sleep such as your mattress, your health, outside noise and more. But if you are constantly wondering why you are not sleeping well and you are not waking up refreshed, it may be time to take a closer look at your linens and find the best bedding for you.

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Thread Count

A big misconception for consumers is that a high thread equals higher quality; however, this is not always the case. Simply put, thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads woven into fabric per square inch. Thread counts above the 400 to 500 range usually mean that the fabric and its fibers have been manipulated to artificially inflate the thread count. In this case, the quality of the bedding in some cases (not all) may be far inferior to other bed linens with lesser thread counts.

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Fabric Choices

Some materials make for cooler or warmer sleeping conditions than others, so the best sheets for summer may be different than the best sheets for winter. Synthetic fabrics typically trap heat which can cause you to warm up throughout the night. However, they are an affordable alternative to more of the expensive fabric options out there, making them ideal for a college student or other short term instances.

Cotton sheets on the other hand, are known to be a bit more breathable and comfortable, allowing your body to regulate it’s temperature. Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton are cooler fabrics. Cotton bedding can be finished in a variety of ways that allow for additional comfort. In the market place you’ll find plush sateen finished, moisture-wicking cotton, and so on.

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Bedding Maintenance

Laundering your sheets will remove dirt, fabric treatment residue and linen enhancements promoting sleep, so it is important to keep up with regular sanitization when it comes to your bed linens. However, washing them too much can cause the fabric to lose its softness over time and cause them to fade in color. And after all, it does take a good chunk of time to clean them too.

Silver-infused sheets may be the right sheets to go with, as silver is a naturally antimicrobial material. Silver-infused fibers prevent 99% of bacterial growth. Silver is known for its natural anti-microbial properties, plus, it's anti-odor, wrinkle resistant and naturally fresh so your sheets stay fresher longer. Silver infused sheets have silver threads threaded throughout the fabric, so the silver will not fade or wash off over time. These sheets make for a great investment as the silver infusion is not a treatment and is a permanent attribute of the sheet.

While we’re on the topic, consider what kind of detergent you use when laundering your bed linens. Harsher detergents can lead to discomfort for anyone with sensitive skin and can also make the colors fade faster.

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Other Considerations

Do you live in an area with steamy summers or freezing winters? Have you considered changing your bedding to match the seasons so you can take advantage of the best material for bed sheets in hot or cold weather? Many use cozy jersey or flannel sheets in winter, and switch to cool cotton sheets in summer to promote comfortable sleeping conditions for themselves. Consider what kind of fabric feels most comfortable on your skin as well.

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After you’ve examined your health, your physical sleeping conditions and other factors, take a moment to look at your bedding. Choose materials, textures and colors that are beautiful and comfortable to you. Replacing and updating your linens may the quick fix you need to sleep better at night after all. High-quality bed sheets combined with comfy pillows, a great mattress and a new duvet or comforter will help you to create the perfect place for a great night’s sleep.

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