Guest Blog: The Best Blinds & Curtains for Your Child's Bedroom

Dec 2, 2020by Jenny Zhu
Completing home interior tasks for your child's bedroom can be a really fun activity to do with your child. Or if your child would rather leave you to do all the hard work, a fun event to do on your own! Choosing the perfect blinds or curtains is an important interior task to help set the theme of the room. Let's look at a roundup of some of the choices.
Blinds on a window
Blinds create a lovely relaxed style for your child’s bedroom, and there are several different types of blinds to select from. One thing to be very aware of is the safety aspect. You will need to make sure you select a blind type that is sold complete with a child safety device that removes any risk of unrestrained cords and chains. 
Shutter Blinds 
Shutter blinds carry several advantages. T they will help to keep your child's room cool which is excellent for those extra hot nights when your child may struggle to sleep. shutter blinds also keep the room from losing heat in the winter. Shutters also help to reduce any noise that may come from outside.
Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are easy to clean, dry or damp cloth is fine. With these blinds, it's easy to control how much light enters a room, but still offer the option for privacy. From a style perspective, the designs can be elegant and help give a somewhat sophisticated feel to a room. We’ve found venetian blinds are a good choice for an older teenager.
Vertical Blinds
Here we have an attractive and reasonable option that is also nice and easy to maintain. Another great thing about vertical blinds is that they come in a variety of materials including uPVC and wood. 
Easy Wipe Roller Blinds

roller blinds

These are a great type of blind as they are available in many great designs and easy to keep clean-perfect for a kids bedroom! Once again a damp clean cloth is all you need to clean the blinds. What’s more, easy wipe roller blinds can be purchased in all sorts of fun designs such as animal and character prints. 
Roman Blinds 
Of course, it is not just about the design of a blind but its thermal capacity. Conveniently, roman blinds help bring warmth and comfort to a child's room. Style-wise you can purchase one color designs, as well as pretty patterned blinds. These make for another great choice for preteens and teenagers who may appreciate a slightly more sophisticated option. Having said that, you can still purchase roman blinds that suit a younger child's room too, with simple, colorful designs including flowers, animals or their favorite characters. A good pair of roman blinds will come with a high-quality headrail and controls for the option of a blind that is strong and long-lasting.

Curtains for kids rooms by Lush Decor

A good pair of curtains can last a decent amount of time. They may require a bit of fuss to clean, but many these days are machine washable (finding somewhere to hang them to dry can be more of a challenge!) They are a bit more reasonable than blinds and are easier to change should your child grow out of their current setup! Plus, many kids may find they offer the best mix of warmth and coziness. Importantly, they are a child-friendly option when it comes to safety and ease of use. 
Cotton Lined Curtains
You could purchase a thinner cotton pair of curtains that will block some daylight. These are a nice light curtain style that won't be too expensive to purchase. 
Blackout Curtains

Lush Decor blackout curtains

Blackout curtains will do a fantastic job of keeping all daylight out, so if this is your main concern these thicker fabricated curtains are your best bet!
Thermal Curtains
Quite thick but not as thick as blackouts, thermal curtains will help prevent heat from escaping during the winter but also help keep the heat at bay during summer. An advantage of these curtain types is that they can help save on energy costs.
Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds
Made to measure is a good choice if your child has an awkward window setup! This way blinds or curtains can be measured and made to fit the exact dimensions of the window space.
This will mean you can have blinds or curtains made up from a much larger range of fabric types and design styles. It can be a fuss-free experience that takes away any stress of blinds or curtains not fitting their designated area! But, there is always a downside, and made to measure curtains or made to measure blinds will come at a higher cost than their pre-made counterparts. 
No matter if you and your child opt for blinds or curtains you are sure to find an option that helps make a great, comfortable room! And hopefully, your children would be content with the chosen option for a fair amount of time before they get bored and want something new!

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