Take Your Space from Ordinary to Extraordinary with New Decorative Pillows

1 comment May 13, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
If you're looking to give a room in your home a quick refresh, we highly recommend you start with decorative accent pillows. All at once, decorative throw pillows are fun, functional, and oh so stylish. Adding new pillows or swapping out decorative pillows is among the most cost-effective ways to instantly upgrade your space's design. 

Decorative accent pillows on a couch

With just a few new pillows, you can make over your bedroom, living room, home office or nursery for each new season. Use them to add a pop of color or some added texture to your space. Best of all, the full cost for a handful of pillows should be less than $100.
Accent pillows enhance your room’s look, no matter what your style. Does your room have a contemporary style? Is it boho chic? Perhaps your room has a modern farmhouse or eclectic style. Whether you describe your room as modern, old fashioned, or something in between, the perfect pillows are not hard to find.

Lush Decor Colorful Accent Pillows on couch

Lush Decor is continually releasing new designs of uniquely designed decorative throw pillows. Shop now and save 20% off all pillows with coupon code PILLOWS.
In our opinion, you cannot have too many throw pillows. Decorative pillow should be placed on every bed, sofa and chair that you own. They tie your room together by giving it that finishing touch, whether it's with the right color, the right texture or the right pattern.

Lush Decor Decorative Throw Pillows

As seasons change, it's both easy and inexpensive to swap out your pillows to add festive holiday spirit or keep up with interior design trends. You can store them or move them to a room with less traffic when they are no longer in season, or you can even cover them with decorative pillow shells rather than buying all new pillows.

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