Style Guide: How to Decorate Using a Maximalist Approach

Oct 24, 2018by Kimberly Foerst
If you are even a little bit familiar with home decor trends, you’ve probably heard of the minimalist approach, which boasts simple designs, neutral colors, similar tones with different textures, and a laid-back vibe all around. But the minimalist approach is not why we are here today. Today, we want to discuss another trend in town: Maximalism.

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Maximalists are the complete polar opposites of minimalists, in that they prefer loud and vibrant colors, patterns on top of patterns, and generally follow a no-rules-necessary approach to their home decor. Fans of maximalism also love the decorative freedom that goes along with the trend where they can create a world that is only in their imagination.
If you want to learn about how to pull off the maximalist look without your home looking like a huge tornado hit it, keep reading for our best tips and tricks.

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Play With Color
At the center of a maximalist style approach is lots of color experimentation. Consider looking at your floor or your walls as a base color, and start building your maximalist paradise from there. Bold wallpapers, loud patterns, an eccentric area rug—these are all great items to begin with. When it comes to maximalism, try not to think of creating a whole entire room all at once and just adding colors and items here and there.
Mix Different Styles
True maximalists rarely stick to one style or era. Mix and match Victorian, Bohemian, Industrial, Floral, or any of your other favorite designs for a look that is completely unique and YOU. Maximalism can be pretty liberating!
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Mixing Knick Knacks

Organize the Chaos
It can be hard to follow the maximalist mantra without having your home look extremely cluttered and crazy. However, there are ways to organize the chaos and still stay on trend. With a bookshelf or bar cart, you can display your little odds and ends in a neat and organized way.
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