Spring Staycation: Upgrade Your Home for an Improved Look and Added Comfort

Apr 25, 2020by Jenny Zhu
Spending more time in your home doesn’t have to lead to boredom and lethargy. Use this time to update some of the rooms you spend the most time in. Free changes can be made, like rearranging furniture or simply organizing and decluttering. Or, you can set aside a small budget to add some color or texture. Either way, you will find that a new look in your home can change your mood for the better.
Since we spend the most time in our bedrooms, we recommend starting there. Continue reading as we discuss different types of bedding:

Understanding Different Types of Bedding
Comforters are the most common type of bedding. They are thick, fluffy blankets that are typically filled with synthetic fibers spread evenly throughout. You can usually find them in a bag with coordinated sheets and pillow shams.
Duvets are similar to comforters, in that they typically come filled with synthetic fibers, down, or feathers. Similarly to comforters, duvets are also quilted and fluffy. They are often referred to as inserts, and are sold separately from duvet covers.
Duvet Covers
Duvet covers are like pillow cases for duvets. They are designed with an opening to slip onto the duvet and have closures to ensure the duvet does not move around. In addition to protecting the duvet itself, duvet covers allow you to conveniently change the look of your bedroom by simply changing the cover.
Quilts & Coverlets
Quilted or woven, these decorative bedding styles are laid on top of the bed. They do not cover the pillow or touch the floor, and are typically used as bed accents for a pop of color, texture, pattern, or design.
This thin, lightweight, decorative blanket is used to cover the entire bed. While it may compare in design with quilts and coverlets, they typically fall to the floor. Bedspreads can be used alone during warmer months, or as decoration during colder months.
Blankets & Throws
To create a picture-perfect bed design, place a blanket or throw across your bed diagonally or horizontally. These decorative coverings, while often used as a decor element, provide the perfect amount of warmth and comfort.
At a time when you’ll likely be spending much of your days lounging at home, you’ll find having the right bedding is just as important for the times you are awake as it is for when you are sleeping.

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