Reflections from Market Week + Sneak Peek at Spring Lines

Sep 23, 2016by Jenny Zhu
Juvy LineJust as the apparel industry has Fashion Week to show off new lines and fashion trends, the home textiles industry has Market Week twice a year to allow buyers to preview the new lines for next season.
As we wrap up Market Week, it’s always nice to reflect on what we learned. Merchants from all channels met with us in our New York City showroom, and all were very receptive and excited about the new lines.
The most excitement revolved around our expanded juvy line for the 4 to 14 age group. Where they are used to seeing a lot of creative bedding, they were happy to see that Lush Décor is now introducing matching window treatments, throws, shower curtains and -- perhaps most notably -- two types of storage boxes for kids’ rooms.
Our new line storage ottomans were a big hit with merchants because they match various new collections, are available in both boys and girls designs, easily store toys, clothes or knickknacks, and are strong enough to support up to 250 pounds.
Photo real designs are becoming a popular trend in home textiles. These involve a technique of taking actual photographs and reproducing them as realistically as possible onto the fabric. From beach scenes to x-rays of flowers, we have a large selection of this style in our shower curtains, and based on our conversations with buyers, we expect these to be a huge hit.

Photo Real Shower Curtains

Room darkening window treatments have traditionally been solid or block color and void of texture. Visiting merchants were happy to see we are offering an expanded line of fashionable room darkening windows, in all the colors we’re known for, with and without frills. Even the juvy lines are room darkening.

Kemmy Quilt  Harmony comforter

Two new bedding styles really stood out. With the Kemmy Quilt, we were able to achieve a feminine layered look on the thickness of a quilt rather than a comforter. The Harmony Comforter was everyone’s favorite piece to touch and feel. The material is among the softest we’ve ever used.
Now that Market Week has ended, we have a much better understanding of what buyers are seeking to stock their shelve and warehouses, and we are thrilled to know that we are on the right track.

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