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Pros and cons of white interior doors

Dec 20, 2022by Guest Blogger

Advantages and disadvantages of white interior doors

Thinking about the future design of your apartment and can't choose a color? A few years ago, it was fashionable to prefer colored walls, furniture, and other details. Today, however, more and more people are choosing simplicity and elegance. Famous designers increasingly favor the white color. There is a growing market demand for interior white doors. These can be fabrics in different shades, from cool, snowy white to warm, creamy white. All of them will look winningly in any apartment.

According to experts, such popularity of the color is associated with our associations with white. Cleanliness, freshness, perfection, everyone sees something different in it. But how practical is it for a house to use this color scheme? 

White Doors

Advantages of white interior doors

The entrance wood door in the white house can show guests that they are always welcome there. Such a solution will impress everyone in sight. Doors inside the home can also be painted in shades of white. The stunning look will emphasize the refined taste of the homeowner. In addition, there are other advantages of white doors:

  1. The psychological aspect of this color is its calming effect. As a symbol of tranquility and peace, it creates a corresponding atmosphere. When we look at a white door, we unconsciously assume that there is no danger behind it. We perceive it as a sign of cleanliness and reliability, which is very important for creating a cozy atmosphere at home.
  2. Optical expansion of space is an essential feature of this version of coloristic. Therefore, in rooms where every square meter counts, it is better to equip using shades of white.
  3. All shades of this color can be combined with any other paint color; its versatility and, at the same time, uniqueness strike the imagination. White can be harmonized or contrasted with different colors in absolutely any style.
  4. Few people think about it, but white doors are not just about design. Thanks to their ability to reflect the sun's rays, they can lower the temperature in the apartment during hot summers. In addition, they do not heat up or burn out.
  5. White doors can create a color balance in a complete picture of the interior to keep the eyes of the household from getting tired of the variegated colors. It's unlikely you'll ever get bored with this color, unlike others. This coloristic always refreshes the room and gives lightness. After a hard day's work, relaxing in such a room will be very pleasant and effective.

White doors' pros and cons are pretty subjective because what one likes and feels comfortable with may not suit the other. However, one thing is sure; they will not leave anyone indifferent.

Disadvantages of white interior doors

Despite all the advantages of having a door made of white wood, many are faced with disadvantages:

  • simplicity;
  • crocking;
  • service.

Many brands exist if your soul desires a white door leaf, but monochrome simplicity does not suit you. For example, United Porte offers non-standard and original solutions. Adding metal or glass elements will give the interior an even more refined look. Many models are decorated with mirror inlays, frosted glass, or stained glass drawings. The painting will help to show your individuality and originality. You can create an original relief pattern on the leaf with the help of carving.

Of course, such a door will show stains or dirt, especially the handle and the area around it. So for the interior element to look beautiful, you must regularly monitor its cleanliness. At the same time, those with experience using white interior doors say that monitoring their cleanliness is much easier than other products of other colors. For example, stains that cannot be cleaned can simply be painted over.

White Interior Doors

Should you choose white color for your doors?

Everyone must decide for themselves whether to use or not a white color for doors. It is a matter of taste and personal preference. However, almost all designers agree on one thing: this color solution will give nobility, create a feeling of lightness and help to increase space. Furthermore, you will not necessarily need to change these doors during the subsequent repair because white perfectly fits any interior.

The crocking of such leaves is also relative. Dust is much less noticeable in this color than in darker or colored shades. Parents with small children may reject the idea of using white leaves, but if your child is growing up, you shouldn't deprive yourself of this pleasure.

To make the interior look harmonious and tasteful, don't go to extremes, and don't use just one color. For example, white doors should contrast but, at the same time, maintain a balance with several other details in the room. It can be curtains, pictures, baseboards, chandeliers, or furniture that will balance the whole picture.

Don't think that white doors are best matched with a light-colored floor. Dark brown, yellow, dark gray, or red flooring, and light ones also look beautiful. In addition, a vast dark baseboard will help to make an accent on the white canvas, highlighting it as a detail of the interior.

White doors in different interior styles

The Scandinavian style is difficult to imagine without this color. It is its characteristic feature. Of course, in such an interior, it is better not to decorate the natural wooden leaf with inserts to preserve authenticity. But in Provence, it is possible to play with subtle metal elements.

Glass white doors with minimalism can create a stunning effect, and the owners of such a room will hear many compliments. White is also appropriate in timeless classics. The conservative approach implies the presence of this color. Carvings and fine accessories will emphasize the laconic look. Glass inserts will not be excessive. Despite certain limits, in this style, there is room to turn around to create an exclusive atmosphere in an apartment.

White Interior Doors

Final words

Using white doors is a universal solution. Scandinavian or classic, Provence or minimalism – this color suits every style and looks different. Despite the disadvantages, which may seem significant, the benefits of using this color should outweigh them. After all, the joy of a cozy home is far more valuable than the regular maintenance of clean doors. Furthermore, the variety of models and shades on the market makes such doors in demand and popular, so they always remain on trend and timeless.

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