Origin Story: Tulle Fabric in Home Decor

by Kimberly Foerst
You’ve likely seen it in fashion, or on ballerinas  and you may have seen it in home decor as well. But most people probably think of tulle as a wedding fabric. After all, it’s a staple in gowns and in veils for the bride.
Tulle ballerina skirt
Tulle was first made in France, in the same city it’s named for, beginning around the 1700s. Back then it was very expensive and difficult to make. But, after a new weaving machine was patented in the early 1800s, the fabric was easier to make, and it became more popular and more readily available.
Since the 19th century, tulle fabric has been used in the making of dresses, tutus and more.
Iconic Fashion Moments
If you’re a fan of HBO’s show Sex & The City (or even if you’re not), you probably would recognize the tulle skirt Carrie Bradshaw wears in the opening credits montage. Queen Elsa of Disney’s hit movie Frozen famously wears a gown made with tulle. Before that, Madonna created a stir when she recorded her music video for “Like A Virgin” in her tulle wedding ensemble. Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck even included tulle in his menswear collection in 2015. The fabric is so versatile that you can use it for a high fashion catwalk look or for more of an everyday feel.
Ruffle Flower Layer Round Decorative Pillow
Not Just Fashion
As you can see, there have been many instances of tulle being used in the fashion world. But it’s not just a fashion trend. Tulle fabric is growing in popularity in the home with the rise of French decor trends.
You may find tulle fabric in any room of the home in various forms. Tulle is commonly used in decorative accents to create a ribbon or a bow around a storage basket, candle or on a vase of flowers. It adds a feminine touch at a minimal cost.
Girls of all ages are enjoying canopies above their beds made of tulle fabric and many are dressing them up even more with twinkle lights. The look is straight out of a fairytale.
Tulle Skirt Solid Window Curtain Panel Set
Curtains and valances are also incorporating tulle for a flowing gown-like look to dress your windows in elegance and truly timeless style. The sheer fabric may be used on its own or paired with a blackout or light filtering liner for more functionality.
 Tulle Skirt Colorblock Shower Curtain
Shower curtains are also being made with tulle to give the bathroom a more sophisticated and glamorous design. As the bathroom is the one place many women can escape the stresses of home life and enjoy a moment of privacy, we are finding bathrooms to be among the most often redecorated rooms in the home.
What’s Next?
This fabric has carved a space for itself in both the fashion world and the decor world, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s been popular for centuries, and few design trends have ever had that type of staying power. As gender norms continue to change, we may see more men’s fashion lines incorporating tulle fabric. And we fully suspect tulle will become even more popular in the world of home decor and will be used in new and inventive ways to create chic and stylish bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and more.

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