New Year’s Home Resolution: Organizing Your Kids’ Bedrooms and Playrooms

by Kimberly Foerst
Messy floor
At this time of year it is very common to make personal resolutions to improve yourself, but don’t forget about improving your home as well. It has been found that keeping your home free of clutter can actually help you stick to your personal resolutions.

Lush Decor 3 Piece Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

Start in the rooms your kids play in most. Whether it’s a playroom, their bedrooms or your family room, make sure you have ample storage options to organize and declutter your home.
Two great options for this task include storage ottomans, which double as furniture, and fabric covered storage box sets.

Lush Decor's Collapsible Storage Ottomans are ideal for kids’ rooms because they are available in different motifs that perfectly match our popular youth collections. They also have over 3,000 cubic inches of space to fill, and a lid to keep it out of eyesight. Perhaps best of all, they can also hold up to 250 pounds, so a parent, sibling or babysitter can sit on the ottoman during story time or play time. It assembles in just seconds, and folds flat in an instant when your child outgrows it.

Lush Decor's Fabric Covered 3-Piece Storage Box Sets look great on a shelf, in the closet or laid neatly on the floor. They’re available in three different sizes, and the largest set provides up to 2,535 cubic inches of storage space per box. These also assemble and fold flat in an instant but have more design options and even include neutral patterns that will work better in a living room or adult’s bedroom.
With fun designs your kids may even want to help clean up their toys, books, clothes, games and knickknacks.

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