Master the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

May 17, 2023by Dana Dantoni

Channeling a laidback, seaside vibe in your home? The coastal cowgirl trend is perfect for those who want to add a touch of cool-meets-coastal style that's timeless and inviting. Ready to channel your inner cowgirl and create the rustic home you crave? Here's what you need to know about mastering the coastal cowgirl aesthetic in your home interior.

coastal cowgirl inspired bedroom

The best part of the coastal cowgirl style is that it's an effortless mix of classic west-coast vibes with touches of bohemian flair. Think natural materials like wood, natural textures like jute rugs, muted earth tones like tans and blues, and plenty of plants like cacti. With easy-to-follow tips on how to integrate these elements into your space, you'll be able to bring just the right amount of subtle Wild West/California beach vibes into your home—minus the lassos and spurs.

Adopt a Neutral Color Palette With Pops of Blue

coastal cowgirl bedroom

When looking to achieve the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, start by embracing a neutral color palette of whites and grays. These colors provide the perfect backdrop for adding pops of blue, which is essential in creating this look. Blues are tied to the beauty of sea and sky, as well as an inherent sense of warmth and relaxation. Whether you opt for shades such as turquoise, baby blue or navy, keep the blue accents consistent throughout your home; your throw pillows, curtains and rugs are all great ways to add some color to your space. You can also select lighter blues for walls or furniture pieces—or go bold with a statement piece like a vibrant cerulean sofa.

Incorporate Natural Wood and Rattan Furnishings

coastal cowgirl aesthetic

Incorporating natural wood and rattan furnishings can help you bring a rustic, laid-back ambiance. Let's take a look at how you can create an aesthetically pleasing home while staying true to this distinct style.

Natural wood pieces—like side tables, bookshelves, and accent chairs—are great for bringing that coastal cowgirl feel into your home. Look for furniture pieces with a light, whitewashed finish for a beachy look. You could even hunt for reclaimed wood or upcycle vintage pieces for a unique touch.

Rattan and bamboo are also popular materials for this aesthetic. With their natural finishes and intricate weaves, these make great additions to any room. For example, rattan wall hangings or light fixtures can be hung in your living space to add that special touch of coastal charm. To complete the look, why not add some cushioned seating with vibrant patterns?

These natural materials are timeless additions that will give your home the coastal cowgirl look you've been dreaming of!

Add Nautical Touches With Anchors, Shells and Netting

Adding nautical touches to your home interiors is key to achieving the coastal cowgirl look. Think anchors, shells, and a variety of weathered driftwood finds.

Netting is a great way to add texture and break up otherwise flat surfaces. Add it over windows, hang it from ceilings, and cover furniture with it for an extra rustic touch. And don't forget about those anchors! Affix them to shelving and dressers for an extra pop of color and visual interest or create interesting centerpieces with repurposed boat parts for a truly unique touch.

coastal cowgirl beach

For a special finishing touch to your coastal cowgirl aesthetic, add in some shells from the beach as part of your decor. You can paint them an array of colors or leave them natural for an understated look. Sea glass is also popular in this style of design—hang strands of colorful sea glass in windows or group some in trays on coffee tables or shelves! 

Display Horseshoe and Cow Skull Decor

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic isn't complete without incorporating horseshoe and cow skull decor. This classic country detail has become an iconic symbol of the modern rustic vibe.

Horseshoes have actually been used for centuries as a lucky charm to protect the four-legged, making it the perfect symbol for your coastal cowgirl look. You can easily find horseshoe home decor in any craft or furniture store. To really bring out a strong rustic touch, you can make your own decorative horseshoes by painting them antique colors like copper, gold or bronze and hang them on a shelf or on the wall above doorways.

cowgirl boots

Cow skulls come in various sizes both real and faux and make amazing wall decorations. With intricate details that are perfect for a southwestern look, cow skulls are sure to add personality and flair to your home. Opt for a large one mounted up high over the fireplace, or several in different sizes to create more of an impactful statement wall. Whatever you decide, these rustic details will definitely help you perfect the coastal cowgirl look! And don't forget to display your cowgirl boots and hat as well!

Include Vintage Signs and Distressed Details

vintage decor

If you want to really nail the coastal cowgirl look in your home, pay attention to signs and distressed details. In fact, one of the hallmarks of this aesthetic is its vintage-inspired signs with phrases like "Greetings From".

These signs can be hung on walls, used as platters or placed on end tables and other pieces of furniture. They add a unique touch that feels both cozy and chic.

Another easy way to add a touch of coastal cowgirl style is with distressed details. Think wood pieces or furniture with intentional nicks and scratches or pieces with a worn-in patina for an authentically stylish vibe.

The key is to find items that fit the theme but look slightly imperfect — so don't worry if a piece isn't perfect; this gives the room greater character, which makes it look more inviting and cozy.

Bring the Outside in With Greenery and Floral Prints

If you're looking to bring some of that coastal cowgirl vibe into your home, a great way to do so is by bringing the outside in. Adding greenery and floral prints will create an aura of warmth and brightness. Not only will they soften your space, they'll also add natural texture.

You can go all out with larger plants, like a fiddle leaf fig or a couple of potted palms in the corner of a room. Or if you don't have the space for larger plants, small succulents and cacti work just as well. You can go for natural pots or opt for something more creative like weaving patterned baskets around them.

And if real plants aren't your thing, you can always choose floral prints instead! A classic would be the blue-and-white porcelain prints often seen on classic Chinese teapots — choose bedding with this type of print or upholster a couch with it! Or take inspiration from nature by incorporating flowery prints into your pillows and curtains. Get creative with curating your own coastal cowgirl look!

throw blankets at beach


In conclusion, the key to nailing the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic in your home lies in finding the perfect balance between authentic, western elements and modern, beach-inspired items. Start with a neutral color palette, and play up the colors with pottery, woven textures, natural woods, and global-inspired accents.

Don’t forget to add a few unexpected pieces and mix traditional western elements with a contemporary flair. If you’re willing to experiment and have some fun, you can create a stylish, trend-forward home that’s sure to have your friends saying, “Yee-haw!”

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