Macramé Moments - How the Macramé Trend Has Made A Huge Comeback

Mar 17, 2021by Cathy Christino
In case you haven’t heard, macramé is having an interior design moment.  Admittedly, it’s a long moment and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  Your friend’s cool hippie-chic mom (or dare we say, grandma) had it all over her house.  Hand-knotted macramé planters, wall art, tissue box covers, doilies, book covers – pretty much anything but the cat could be covered in macramé in the 60s and early to mid-70s if you had that bohemian, artsy mindset.
Lush Decor Macrame Window Panels
The 80s brought with it a sleek, manufactured design style and macramé fell out of favor.  Hard.  But now, in part thanks to DIYers and the Makers that populate Etsy, macramé is back with a vengeance.  It’s no surprise given the craft’s resilient history.  One of the earliest recorded uses of macramé style knots as decoration can be seen in the carvings of the Babylonians and Assyrians.  Thirteenth century Arab weavers knotted excess thread along the edges of hand loomed fabrics and macramé had a popular run during the Victorian era.  Even sailors have long used the technique to cover knife handles, bottles and parts of their ships.
Macrame Knotting
Maybe you’re a Maker.  Or maybe you don’t spend your extra time at sea knotting rope.  Either way, there are tons of options to make design magic with macramé.  Today’s macramé has this cool, enviable style that feels both classic and edgy.  It’s a fun way to add depth and personality to a space.  We’re seeing the style in everything from table runners and baskets to lighting and curtains.
Macrame Knotted Chair
At its core, the most basic purpose of interior design is about making a (love) connection with inanimate objects.  When we fall in love with that object, it somehow seamlessly fits into our décor.  That’s how we feel about macramé.  No longer relegated to the bohemian mindset, macramé has a timeless way of working with many design styles.  Macrame adds hygge cozy comfort in Scandinavian design.  It adds texture and interest in mid-century modern homes and an artistic flair to contemporary design.  It can even find its place in Farmhouse-friendly concepts.  And, of course, macramé is a must in any Boho lover’s style stack.
Gray Boho Macrame Window Panel/Wall Decor
With macramé, it’s almost a requirement to think outside the box.  Where does it go and how do you use it?  We love styling our macramé curtains on windows, obviously, but we also love how it looks when used as wall art.  Or as a headboard.  Room dividers have been all the rage this past year and macramé curtains provide that necessary separation without making the space feel confined.  Macrame creates closet “doors” and, with a liner, a really fun shower curtain.  Thinking outside the house, macramé curtains look romantic as privacy screens on a porch or patio and even better as a celebratory backdrop for wedding vows.
We couldn’t be more excited that this macramé moment is taking its sweet time to trend out.  Let’s toast to its long history and design resiliency!

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