Lush Decor Curtains Used In Make-A-Wish Bedroom Makeover

Dec 16, 2019by Kimberly Foerst
Natalie is a young lady who received a wish from Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic to have her bedroom made over. Natalie has a neurological condition which makes her very dependent on others for all of her daily living needs. In addition to this, Natalie is blind and due to low bone density runs the risk of bone breakage.

Natalie's Make-A-Wish Bedroom Makeover

In spite of these issues Natalie takes delight in the loving care of her parents and caregivers. Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic and Design for Change were excited to create a special room for Natalie and her parents (who share the room so that they can watch over her during the night). Special attention was paid to many sensory items such as silky feeling sheets, furry pillows, multiple scent diffusers to provide different olfactory experiences, and two speakers for music and nature sounds.

Natalie's Make A Wish bedroom with Tanisha Room Darkening Curtains

As the design for the room also impacted Natalie's parents sleeping space, we enhanced their calm corner with comfortable bedding and lovely floral drapes. The room has a garden theme as Natalie's Mom loves flowers.
Natalie's Bedroom
We created a unique garden mural above Natalie's new hospital bed and brought in more nature through the abstract floral carpet tiles, courtesy of FLOR. In addition two new very large storage pieces were added to provide extra storage for the many necessities of Natalie's life.
Make-A-Wish is delighted to partner with so many companies such as Lush Decor in order to grant the wishes of so many wonderful children.

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