Guest Blog: Inspiration In Spades - Your Guide To Creating The Perfecting Writing Space

Aug 11, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Sometimes inspiration can strike in unlikely places, but whether that’s cooking in the kitchen or working in the garden, those moments are few and far between. Contrary to popular belief, inspiration is something that can be built into a space, enabling you to work more creatively and effectively if you’ve surrounded yourself by things that inspire you. 
Creating the perfect writing space means combining form and function for a comfortable space that facilitates your workflow. Let’s discover what it takes to build the perfect writing space. 
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1) Finding Your Space
We aren’t all lucky enough to be able to dedicate a whole room as an office space or writing station. But fortunately, many small corners of our homes can be carved out into phenomenal writing spaces with a little care and attention.
When you’re choosing your writing space, there are a number of important considerations. “Some people work well surrounded by hustle and bustle whilst others need dead silence to enable them to follow their thoughts to conclusions,” says Carmen Dundas, a blogger at Australianreviewer and Via Writing. “Let your style of writing guide you - you could place yourself in the busy kitchen, or find a hidden corner of the bedroom for peace and quiet.”
Further, light is exceptionally important in the ability to work creatively. Natural light provides evolutionary signals that help us to wake up and focus, so prioritizing a writing space that’s well-lit, say under a skylight or by a bay window, will help you write the day away.
2) A Splash of Nature
Once you’ve figured out the perfect space for you to take on your writing goals, it’s time to make it your own. We love adding a splash of nature with some houseplants. A living creature, thriving beside your writing desk, can become a huge source of inspiration. Writers from Beatrix Potter to Derek Jarman found immense inspiration in the natural world and so can you.
If you’re short on space, a hanging plant can dangle from the ceiling, offering a dash of color to your workspace. Let nature soothe your soul.
comfortable working space
3) Comfort Is Key
For writers, it’s so important to be able to get into the flow. There’s no greater feeling than looking up at the clock to discover hours have passed, the word count reached, without you feeling the tick of the clock. So, if you’re forced to get up to stretch every fifteen minutes, this interruption can badly damage your workflow. Finding comfort in your writing space will help you tap into new levels of concentration.
“Investing in the ergonomics of your desk and chair will pay dividends, not only in your writing output but in your physical health,” says Sadie D. Combs, a writer at Revieweal and Assignment Help. “More and more writers are choosing a standing desk nowadays, recognizing the benefits of staying on your feet.” If you do choose to write in a seated position, consider where you place your keyboard and screen to encourage healthy posture while you work.
 double screen work station
4) Multiply Productivity with Multiple Screens
Whilst having multiple screens isn’t a necessity, it can often boost your productivity. As a writer, it’s likely that you’re taking your inspiration from a number of places, possibly working from multiple sources and references. Having multiple screens in your writing space lets you pull up the digital inspiration for your work.
Having a screen that’s dedicated to non-writing work, such as admin and social media, can also provide a valuable demarcation that stops you getting sucked into distractions. Splitting screens can lead to renewed focus.
5) Declutter Your Space
Lastly, remember that we can’t stay inspired all the time. When you feel productivity lull, decluttering your space can let you reset your creative juices, providing you with a small and vital task to take you away from your work. It’s easy for the clutter to build up - pens, coffee cups, post-its. Take a moment every day to declutter your space to feel the benefit of an environmental reset.
Signing Off
We each harbor powerful creativity, and building a space that lets us tap into that will enable your writing to come to life. Finding a comfortable space that fits the way you work is essential - there’s no one-size fits all model. To produce inventive, creative writing you need a space that’s unique to you.

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