How to Warm Up Your Bathroom During Cold Winter Months

Jan 5, 2022by Dana Dantoni

With the winter season in full effect, you're probably trying to find ways to keep your home warm and cozy. You can make your bathroom much more snug for these colder months with simple additions such as a new shower curtain, heavier towels or new window treatments.

Keep reading to learn more ways to warm up your bathroom. Which idea will you be trying first? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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1. Switch to Heavier Fabrics: Take your light sheer window treatments and switch them out for heavier window valances or panels that reflect the cold winter season. Re-evaluate your shower curtain as well -- is it thin and flimsy? Try using a thicker shower curtain with a heavier cotton fabric to add an extra layer of warmth into the room.

Paint roller

2. Paint Your Walls: Choose to paint your bathroom walls with warm colors such as oranges, reds, white, or brown. After a long day out in the cold, you'll want to wind down with a warm bath. Having these tones in your bathroom will create a toasty atmosphere ideal for relaxing.


3. Candles: Candlelight will make you feel snug and relaxed. Adding candles to your bathroom with refreshing scents will help evoke positive energy that will prepare you for a soothing night's sleep. 

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4. Neutral Pattern Shower Curtains: With the shower curtain being the centerpiece to your bathroom, update it for this winter season with neutral patterns and soft textures.

Towels on hooks

5. Towels: Invest in some soft fluffy towels for when you get out of the shower. You’ll never want to leave your bathroom once you've stocked up on plush, neutral, calming towels which will bring you maximum comfort. Try displaying them folded nicely on a small table, or handing them on decorative hooks to provide an additional element of warmth.

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