How to Redesign Your Bathroom on a Budget


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Between bathing, grooming, relieving yourself, beautification and your dental hygiene practices, a survey has found you will spend about 30 minutes to an hour each day in your bathroom. Why spend that time sitting in a drab, outdated space?
It’s not necessary to replace your tub or vanity, or to make other expensive changes. With just a few small and inexpensive changes, you can have the updated bathroom space you’ve been dreaming of.
Replace Your Shower Curtain
Shower curtains are inexpensive and come in all the styles and colors you can imagine. Whether you want something bright to really pop or something more subtly beautiful, a stunning new shower curtain will always make a splash.
Update Window Panels
Get rid of your old dusty blinds. A stylish new window valance or curtains can add a pop to any bathroom.
Add Fresh Paint
A new coat of paint will make an impact immediately, even if the color isn’t very different. To save even more money, paint just one accent wall. Depending on your budget, you can match your towels, bath mat and accessories to the accent color. Another fun option is to paint your floor to avoid replacing tiles or wood.
DIY Artwork
Create a single piece of art to stand out on your walls. Blow up a nice photo you’ve taken and put it in a nice frame. Or create an artistic conversation piece. You can get inspiration from Pinterest boards, a quick stop at your local arts and crafts store, or even a simple Google search.
Add some style with new trim around the bathroom walls and doorways. If you want to get even more creative, you can create a frame for your mirror with crown molding.
All of these changes are inexpensive and easy to implement. Just be sure to plan your theme and color palette before making any final decisions to be sure everything new and old will work together.

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