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How To Pick A Color Palette For Your Kitchen

Jan 26, 2022by Guest Blogger

The color palette you use for your kitchen can transform how the space will look and how you feel every time you walk into your kitchen. Struggling to pick different color choices for your kitchen that suit your style? Relax! We’re here to help you narrow down your options to help you decide the color palette you want to ultimately implement in your kitchen.

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Use A Combination of Colors

Using more than a color for your kitchen can be impressive and fun. A great way for you to use a variety of colors is by choosing colors that are opposite to one another, as these colors complement each other. There are a lot of complementary colors you can choose for your kitchen cabinets. For example, you can bring your kitchen to life by making use of orange and blue. Despite these colors being directly opposite each other on the color wheel, they can be paired together to give your kitchen a lively modern look and feel. Also, to make your kitchen look and feel larger, you can make use of yellow as the room's anchor hue and add red accents to accentuate the design.

Consider Your Kitchen's Size, Shape and Lighting

Generally, you can paint your kitchen with any color of your choice. However, before you pick a color palette, make sure to carefully observe the size, shape and natural lighting of your kitchen. For instance, if you have a small kitchen that has a low ceiling with little natural lights, making use of dark colors will make your space look unwelcoming. In this instance, you will want to incorporate light colors such as white, to make your kitchen look brighter and more welcoming. However, if you have a large kitchen that has a high ceiling with a lot of lights, experimenting with darker colors will still make your kitchen feel airy and welcoming.

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Stick With White For Your Kitchen Cabinets

White is a famous color used for kitchen cabinets and it is mostly used for small kitchens to make them look and feel more spacious. The white color also helps in countering the absence of light in cottage kitchens that have small windows.  If you feel that white will look too gloomy for your kitchen cabinets, you can pair it with a colorful green or a softer shade of beige. This will help give your kitchen cabinets a more impressive look, and at the same time, maintain a neutral and fresh base. White is a neutral color that reflects light which can help lighten up your kitchen, create the illusion of a larger space, and give your kitchen cabinets a classic look.

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Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like grey, beige, black and sage are a great fit for your kitchen. The use of these colors can give your kitchen an appealing modern look. Beige is a color that can give your kitchen a warm and welcoming feeling. It is a good base for stronger hues or accents like bright yellows and deep blues. Sage is also a soothing neutral shade that has a bit of color. It can help make your kitchen look calm and sophisticated. If you choose to use a neutral color for your whole kitchen space, then make use of light-colored cabinetry, subtle backsplash and pale countertop. When choosing neutral colors, make sure you choose the ones that best match your style.

Use Ocean Blue Assembled Cabinets

Ocean blue assembled cabinets is a relaxing and calming color that can be a great fit for your kitchen cabinets. This color is unique because it can accentuate your style and make your kitchen feel larger.  Ocean assembled kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen space unique and one of a kind. Are you interested in choosing kitchen cabinets? Then, unassembled kitchen cabinets are a great option for you. They offer you the option to save money on remodeling your kitchen because you can do the assembling all by yourself. Unassembled kitchen cabinets are perfect for you especially if you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowner.

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Selecting a color palette for your kitchen that suits your style can be a daunting task because there are a lot of color choices to pick from. However, the tips provided in this article will give you insight into the plausible color palette you can use for your kitchen cabinets. Let us know the color palette of your kitchen in the comments below!

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