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Living Room Warmup: Throw Blankets, Pillows and Window Coverings

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Winter is here, which means it's time to cozy up you space if you haven't already done so. To create a warm and inviting ambiance, every element of the living space plays a part. Throws, pillows, window treatments, the color palette, and the integration of natural wood into the living space turn the warmth up a notch.

It will create a welcoming and appealing atmosphere in the room and make you want to snuggle up on the couch on a chilly evening. Read on to learn more about how to make your living room warm and inviting using throws, pillows, and window treatments.

The key to decorating a comfy living room is to choose a cohesive, simple color scheme and stick to it. Choose neutrals and pops of color so you can easily change up the look of your living room as the seasons change. Adorn your living room with faux plants and florals to brighten up your space during the winter months. 

color swatches

Choosing a Color Palette 

Now, what colors that bring warmth to a room? There is absolutely no limit to the colors you can play with. A splash of color will work wonders for the aesthetics in a rather boring and plain living room. Shades of oranges, reds and caramels are colors you should look out for before buying throws this winter. Once you know what you want, you can select the color and texture of your throws accordingly. You are not restricted to these color choices, but these are the warmest throw colors you can infuse in your living room. Moreover, it will be a fun idea to adorn your sofa with textured blankets, especially when you have plain sofas.

Boho Tufted Cotton Woven Tassel Fringe Throw

Warming Up the Living Room with Throw Blankets

Who doesn’t love throws? They are an absolute pleasure to wrap yourself into on a lazy evening. A living room without throws and decorative elements looks empty and unpleasant. And a space devoid of warm colors invites coldness to the room. Use warm-colored throws to ward off the cold vibes. Not only colors but material, size, and where you place them matters too. You can keep them folded neatly or drape them on the sofas. The latter option will look more appealing, though.

Layering throw blankets in  your living space provides ample warmth and adds a decorative element. There is nothing quite like snuggling under a warm throw blanket with a book or watching your favorite season of a show on TV. Everyone has their own preference. Some love the feeling of chunky knit throws against their skin, while others might want to have felted or faux fur throws. Also, silk and wool throw blankets radiate luxury. In the end, it all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable and pleases your eye!

Pillow Bundle: Modern Farmhouse

Pillows and Pillow Covers

Pillows are a must-have decorative element for any living room and there are various ways you can use pillows to elevate the aesthetics of your living room. Adding pillows to your space allows you to implement accent colors and adds coziness to the space. It adds layers of texture and character to the room. The best part is that you can change the covers if you decide to go with pillow covers as opposed to filled pillows according to the season. Bold and warm colors will add depth and warmness to the room in winter.

Spencer Tufted Cotton Decorative Pillow Cover

Bold and Neutral Shades

A living room will do great with warm-colored solid, patterned, or printed throw pillows like mustard yellow, cream, muddy green, burnt orange, caramel, and red. Also, go with neutral colors if the room is decorated with dark colors. If you like to have more subdued colors, then you should get warm neutral shades of pillows.

Round Pleated Soft Velvet Decorative Pillow

Mix and Match

Before getting pillows, take a look at your living space to decide how to make it more inviting. You can mix and match pillows to different elements of the room. Take it as a fun art project. Draw in colors from the wall, sofa, or other furnishings in the room. Get some patterned pillows, some solid ones, some with busy prints and spice it up a little. Finally, arrange them in an orderly manner on the sofa, chair, or couch.

The haphazard placement of pillows is another way to make your living room look warm and inviting. Toss a few on every sofa and place some on the floor. If you throw a party and it’s a houseful, your friends can find a cozy seat on the floor. But a sophisticated space needs symmetry. If that’s what you want, then set the pillow in an organized manner on the couch or sofa. Now that you have an idea of how to use pillows to design your living room let’s move to what style of pillows will lift the aesthetics of your living area.

Soft Fur Weave Decorative Pillow Cover

Styles of Pillows 

Does the pillow you are resting against feel comfortable enough? Does it coordinate with your living room's style and color palette? The pillow you buy for your living room should be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Opt for comfy textures like fleece, velvet, cotton, faux fur, chenille, cable or chenille knit, linen

Warming Your Living Space With Window Coverings

Another living room element that helps make your space feel welcoming and comfy is the window treatments. You might be thinking, who gives so much thought to a window dressing? But it is a part of your living room, so it also adds character and a style to the area. When you are decorating your house, every little detail adds up. Therefore, go for one of these window treatment ideas to have an eye-catching living room.

Whether you cover your windows with drapes, curtains, or window blinds, the choice is yours. What matters the most is that you select window dressings that add warmth to your living room and keep the cold breeze away. Wood shutters will be a great idea to cover your windows in winter because woods naturally insulate. It will chase the cold out of the house and also keep the prying eyes away.

Grommet Sheer With Insulated Blackout Lining Curtain Panel Set


If you want to control how much light to let in, then double-layer drapes will be your best bet. What it does is that if you want a little sunshine, you can open the front drapes and let the second layer of drapes in their place. The second layer is thin, so it will let some sunshine peek through your windows. If it is a cold rainy day, you can close both layers of drapes and warm up your space.

Mid Century Geo Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set

Bold Curtains

Bold colors or patterns make your living room look fun and pleasant. Match it to your wall color, couch, floor, or you can match it with your throw pillows. Choose warm colors that level up the coziness in the room. Be careful of your living room’s color scheme though, the curtains should go well with the colors of the other elements.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters make your living room look sophisticated and timeless. More so, if your living room is adjoined with your kitchen and you have natural wood cabinets, the combination would set your kitchen apart. It will look timeless yet cozy. For instance, if your kitchen has rich and elegant walnut cabinets, make sure your living room goes well with it. That’s where a cabinet matching guide will help you understand the colors that go well together with different kitchen cabinets. A well-decorated living room kitchen combo forms a charming and cozy environment in your home.

Blackout and Room Darkening Curtains

The purpose of thick drapes is to protect the inside of the house from the outside. In terms of heat or freezing cold gusts of wind. In fact, that’s what every windows dressing does, but thick drapes will not let a breeze through the window. So, if you want a living room that is homey and comfy, go for thick drapes with a pattern. 

Ivy Tassel Faux Linen Window Curtain Panel Set

Solid Curtains

With a patterned wall, solid window curtains will balance it out. Plain curtains don't have to be boring though. Choose curtains that are solid but have some interest to them like ruffles, tassels or lace details. Pick a color that compliments the rest of the room and matches back to the color palette you've picked. Old School Window Dressing

Final Thoughts

The living room is the best place to unwind at home. After a hectic day, you want nothing more than to doze off on the couch or watch TV. Feeling sick? Lie on the couch wrapped in throws and pillows. Had a bad day? Lay down on the couch and sleep it off. Have family over for a holiday? Gather in the living room and catch up. Whatever the reason, the living room should be the warmest and inviting space in your house. That’s where you hang out with family and friends. So, when you are decorating or remodeling your living room, keep that aspect in mind. Make it reflect who you are by adding a touch of your personality to it. Decorate your living room with love and care, choose the best throws, pillows, and window treatments with the help of our guide, and you will have the coziest living room on your hands.

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