How To Layer A Bed Like A Pro

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Your bed is the focal point to any bedroom. You might be struggling with ways to properly make your bed so your space looks like it is right out of a home decor magazine. Watch and learn here for a few simple steps to make your bed look like it was styled by a pro!

how to layer a bed like a pro

1. Start With Crisp Sheets

The sheet layer is one of the most important layers because it is the part of the bedding you will come in contact with the most. Finding crisp and high-quality new sheets is a must! 

2. Arrange Your Comforters

Browse to find the perfect comforter in a solid color to make a great base layer. Once your comforter is laid out on the bed, from the top fold down then back up by half to add volume. You can then fold the top sheet partially over the comforter fold. This will help to add dimension. 

3. Add Your Quilt or Coverlet

Next is to add your quilt or coverlet. It will look best if you find a quilt in a fun color, pattern or texture. This will add visual interest to your room!

4. Place A Throw Blanket

For extra drama, add a comfy throw blanket across the end of your bed. 

5. Add A Decorative Pillow (or three!)

Decorate it! Who says you have to keep it to one decorative pillow? You don't! Add as many decorative pillows as you would like to make the bed extra comfy. Or if you want to try another route, purchase a couple extra pillow shams in an accent color for your bed pillows.

6. Make It All Yours!

From there add your style to the rest of your space! Some great additions are plants, decor pieces, and your favorite books on your nightstand.

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