How to Incorporate the Colors of the Year into Your Home Decor – 3 Simple & Affordable Options

Mar 16, 2022by Kimberly Foerst

This year many of the big paint companies, as well as Pantone, have announce their colors of the year for 2022, and the thing they all have in common is that they are all natural tones.

Hues of greens, taupes and blues are featured this year, and for good reason. These colors tend to make people feel relaxed, and after a chaotic couple of years dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, people likely want (and need) to feel calm inside their home.

So if you’re planning to redecorate your home, or even just a single room, there are many simple and affordable ways to incorporate these 2022 colors of the year into your space.

But first, let’s learn more about the colors that were selected. Pantone chose “Very Peri”, which is a warmer shade of blue with violet undertones. It is reminiscent of lovely spring flowers or fresh blueberries.

Benjamin Moore chose “October Mist” as their color of the year. This is like a very light shade of evergreen. This is definitely a color you’d recognize in trees and fields. Similarly, Sherwin Williams selected “Evergreen Fog” which is a deeper and darker option with perhaps more of a gray undertone.
Taking the taupe route was Valspar with their choice for color of the year, which they call “Country Charm”. This is the warmest and most inviting color of the group. This color is reminiscent of wheat growing in a field.

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Now, let’s get back to decorating. When it comes to the three paint colors, the most obvious way to incorporate any of those colors into your home would be to paint your walls in one of those exact colors. But, if you’re looking for a less messy and more simplified option, we have a few for you.

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First, we recommend adding new decorative pillows or swapping what you have now with new ones. You may also go with new decorative pillow covers. This will be the most affordable option for adding these colors to your home.
Another great option is to choose a piece of art for your space because it requires little effort and can be done inexpensively. This could be a painting, a tapestry, a macrame piece, or other interesting wall art, just to name a few examples. To keep costs low, check your local flea markets or second-hand stores for the perfect artistic work(s) to complete your space.

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The third most simple and affordable option is swapping your window treatments. Whether it’s long flowing curtains or stylish valances to let plenty of light in, window coverings are available in every color you can imagine. Choose a solid color panel or go for a printed panel that may incorporate multiple colors of the year. Either way, new window treatments will certainly add new life to your space and can be purchased at very low cost. Plus, if you already have the rod in place, it’s minimal work to swap them out.

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Of course, there are many additional ways to add these colors of the year to your home decor, depending on which room you’re redecorating. A bathroom could be as simple as swapping the shower curtain or the bath towels, or in the living room you may want to put a new rug under the coffee table. You could change your bed linens in your bedroom. Best of all, these tips work year after year as new colors are selected as the “it” colors.

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