How to Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Home Decor

Jan 8, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
Each year all the major paint companies and even stores like Etsy announce their color of the year. For 2020, we have seen a slew of options from a deep blue to a chartreuse yellow, to a light pink. With a spread like that, it’s not likely you’ll want to use each color of the year in your home, but you may have a favorite one or two.
While turning your entire home one color may be a bit over the top, there are many ways to add the year’s trendiest hues tastefully. Start by adding the color of the year to just one room in your home. Then, expand to additional spaces as you see fit.

Paint your walls the color of the year

The most obvious way to add a specific color to any room is to paint your walls. That’s also the messiest and the most difficult to change as seasonal design trends change. Changing your soft home textiles is a much easier option.
In the Living Room
This is probably the easiest room to update because you have so many options. Furniture protectors for your couch, armchair or recliner add color and protect your seating. Decorative pillows and throw blankets are inexpensive and are available in any color and texture you can imagine.

Colorful decorative pillows on a couch

As far as decor, adding or changing your window treatments will make the biggest impact in your space. The living room is the best place to utilize long, flowy curtains.
Another obvious option is a colorful piece of art. Make sure that the size is appropriate for the room. You don’t want to go too small or too large for the space you have. You could also paint a frame in the color of the year to go around a large mirror or existing artwork.
An area rug may be more expensive than the other options, but it will add texture and style to your space.

Riley Valance for Kitchen Windows

In the Kitchen
Pretty vases will decorate your counter tops. They will look even better if you fill them with colorful flowers. You can also fill glass containers with candies or snacks in the color that is trending. Valances or kitchen tiers are the perfect treatments for kitchen windows.

Floral Watercolor Comforter Set features color of the year

In the Bedroom
Just like the living room, the bedroom gives you many options to add color. Start with your bed. Change your quilt or comforter set, or at least your pillow cases and throw pillows to incorporate the color of the year. This is also a great room to add colorful curtains and artwork.

Rowley Birds Shower Curtain for color of the year in bathroom

In the Bathroom
The first thing most people notice in the bathroom will be your shower curtain. We also recommend finding matching towels and a bath mat to give it a complete and coordinated look.
These tips will work every year no matter what color of the year you choose. Shop now for the colorful bedding, curtains, pillows and other home textiles you need.
If you have additional suggestions for adding the color of the year to your home, leave us a comment below.

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