How to Incorporate Olympics Themes Into Your Home Decor

Jan 12, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
The Summer Olympics are coming back around this year. Whether you’re hosting a party or just hanging in with family watching the games, build the excitement by updating your home decor with an Olympics-related theme.
You can go the patriotic route and deck your home out in red, white and blue items or patterns featuring stars and stripes. Check out our blog on this topic for some suggestions.
You could also decorate with symbols of the Olympics, including rings or hoops, torches, the five colors used in the Olympics logo, medals, flags and more.
Another option is to incorporate gold, silver and/or bronze colors into your space. Marrying gold and silver within a space is both simple and stylish. What better time than during the Olympics!
Clara Window Panels
Clara Window Panel Set
The Clara window panels are among our most popular window treatments. This set is perfect for the Olympics, as they include shades of both gold (yellow) and silver (gray) in one piece.
Edward Trellis Gray Furniture Protector
Edward Trellis Gray Furniture Protectors
These furniture protectors add a touch of silver (gray). You’ll never have to worry about eating on the couch while watching the games because furniture protectors have a water-resistant lining and are washable.
Night Sky Window Curtains by Lush Decor
Night Sky Window Curtain
These shimmering sequined curtains will make a bold statement in any room. They are available in other color options that will work, but this yellow/gray colorway is absolutely perfect for a gold and silver themed room.
Elephant Parade Throw
Elephant Parade Throw
Like the Olympic athletes, elephants symbolize strength, honor and much more. When your air conditioning gets too cold, this throw is soft and warm and easily matches most rooms.

Leah Quilt Set by Lush Decor
Leah Quilt Set

This stunning quilt set will make any bedroom look like a million bucks and the yellow and gray blooms bring in the feel of the Olympics.
Black and Gold Zinnia Floral Quilt Set by Lush Decor
Zinnia Flower Quilt Set
This reversible cotton quilt set has two color options that fit the bill. Choose either the black/gray version for a silver infusion, or black/gold for a gold infusion in your bedroom. The set includes a quilt and two matching shams.
Serena Comforter Set
Serena Comforter Set
This comforter set is sure to impress all with the incredible amount of special details that are incorporated in the design. The dark gray color matches nearly anything.

Terra Shower Curtain
Terra Shower Curtain
Instantly add shades of gold and bronze to your bathroom with the Terra Shower Curtain.
Pineapple Toss Gold Metallic Print Shower Curtain
Pineapple Toss Shower Curtains
Have more than one bathroom? Coordinate them with these shower curtains that are available in both gold and silver metallic print.

When it comes to decorating your home for the Olympics, you have plenty of options. Choose one theme, or combine multiple themes.

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