How To Create The Boho Bedroom Of Your Dreams In 5 Easy Steps

by Kimberly Foerst
You will spend roughly one-third of your day in your bedroom. Bohemian or Boho interior design style is becoming very popular, especially for young adults. There are many ways to create a Boho look in your home, making it hard to give an exact definition of the style. But it is safe to say that Boho style is both casual and relaxing with an artsy feel, and it is never stuffy.

How To Create The Boho Bedroom Of Your Dreams

There are many components to focus on, such as varying textures, bold patterns, bright colors, and more. One Boho bedroom with neutral colors and lots of fringe would look much different than a Boho bedroom with a color and pattern explosion. The latter typically takes a more maximalist approach, while the former is more of a minimalist approach.
No matter which style you prefer, here are five simple steps to create the Boho bedroom of your dreams.

Mix & Match Fabrics in Boho Bedroom Decor

1. Mix & Match Fabrics
Think of all the textiles in your bedroom: bed sheets, blankets, curtains, wall tapestry, etc. A soft cotton quilt set, a faux fur throw, a macrame tapestry, satin sheets and linen curtains may sound crazy, but these different fabrics really can work together in a Boho bedroom. Throw in a leather chair, wicker storage baskets, and a few decorative pillows with tassels or fringed trim for added comfort and style.
Keep in mind, if you are in a small room, mixing all these different fabrics can become clumsy and cluttered, rather than chic and styled. The larger your room, the more fabrics you can incorporate.

Bohemian Meadow Quilt Set by Lush Decor

2. Incorporate Patterns
Medallions, stripes, geometric shapes and more are very popular in Bohemian style. Play around with different patterns, different scales (larger shapes and smaller shapes, thicker stripes and pinstripes, etc.) and different styles.
If you’re not a fan of bold patterns, choose smaller accent pieces like decorative throw pillows, window valances or storage boxes to incorporate patterns into your space. Choosing patterned bedding, long curtains or an area rug may be too much for your personal taste.

Boho Bedroom

3. Make It Colorful
Jewel tones are especially popular in Boho decor. Consider adding ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues, amethyst purples, amber yellows, etc. Incorporate them in your decor, your paint, your art, or even your furniture.

Boho with live plants

4. Don’t Forget The Plants
A key to creating your Bohemian paradise is to bring plant life in to your bedroom. We’re talking real, live plants, no plastic. Don’t have a green thumb? Try a cactus or other plant that doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it alive, or commit to picking fresh flowers and replacing them every week.

Add vintage accents

5. Add Vintage Accessories
Add a vintage framed mirror, an ornate chandelier, antiques, old vases with real live flowers, natural wood shelves or an old painting, which will tell a story in your bedroom. Shop at thrift stores or flea markets to find these pieces at a great value.
The Boho bedroom of your dreams is not out of reach. If you are on a tight budget, take your bedroom makeover one step at a time, rather than changing everything at once. Remember, Boho style is about being comfortable and casual, so keep it fun as you work through each of the steps above.

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